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Turning 25 in Munich!

25. That is HUGE. Very grown up. A quarter century! I really wanted to do something special for this occasion - which included being as far away from my ugly-passing-through home town Siegen as possible! Luckily, my wonderful friend Kathi invited me to stay with her in June 2012. I had met her during my semester abroad in Lisbon, where we became friends quickly and also went on several trips together. Kathi lives in the city center of Munich - and I couldn't wait to finally come back to Munich at last! To get there, I used Mitfahrgelegenheit which is a platform arranging [...]

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10 Things I Love Most About Portugal

Without further ado - I love Portugal. Here are the ten things I adore the most about this amazing country Sunsets. Portugal has the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen… I never got sick of taking pictures. Especially in combination with palm trees. Pastries. Pastéis de nata – so heavenly, no words could describe... if I could eat these for the rest of my life, I would be the happiest girl in the world. Beaches. Absolutely no need to explain any further. Seafood. Grilled fish dishes – to die for! Manuline Architecture. Late Gothic, one-of-a-kind-Portuguese, simply beautiful, my art [...]

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An Afternoon of True Englishness

During my April visit to London I also wanted to have a true English experience, since I had never been to the UK before (shame on me!). Everyone keeps saying "London is not England", so I was really desperate to have a look beyond the borders of the capital to find an authentic piece of Great Britain. Well, one may argue whether Greenwich can be considered a part of London, or not -- but it definitely feels totally different from the crowed, busy city! Walking through the tiny streets that were covered in cherry tree petals in the tentative spring sun almost [...]

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Spring Weekend Trip to London

The great thing about having smart and talented friends is that they achieve things like university places and job offers all over the world. My good friend Sarah is one of those people. We both graduated from college in 2010, and after having been an intern in publishing for several months, Sarah started doing her Master's degree in London last year. It was really about time to fly to England and visit her, because in the beginning of 2012 we realized that we were both studying in two amazing European capitals, and made a pact to visit each other and [...]

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Hamburg – Two Days in Germany’s Coolest City

After traveling mainly as far as possible (though mostly within the European borders), it was about time I would go get to know my home country a little better. Of course, I moved around a lot already, and had made trips to Munich, Berlin, or Schloss Neuschwanstein with school and my parents, but there was one place that I had been dying to see for a long time: Hamburg. So, the boyfriend Steffen and I decided to plan a fall getaway weekend to Germany’s second largest city back in October 2008. Steffen dug up a cheap hotel, located on the Reeperbahn, [...]

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Portugal – Love at First Sight

My good friend Carola and I had been thinking about a grand vacation for a while back in 2008, when she remembered that she met a Portuguese girl at an international youth event a few years back: Cláudia had invited her to come visit her in her home town Porto, in the north of Portugal, and we more or less spontaneously booked our flights. We naturally also wanted to spend some time in Portugal's capital Lisbon, so we booked a one-country Eurail ticket to be able to spend some time in both places, and get around easily. In Lisbon, we explored all [...]

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Barcelona, Baby!?

To be honest, this trip was one of my first real city getaways and I've made a few mistakes back then: Choosing the wrong accommodation, the wrong flight company, the wrong priorities when it came to food. But traveling is something you can only learn along the way. This trip was still a lot of fun, but I know we should have done some things differently. What do you think? After our disastrous road trip to France Iris and I decided that we needed to do something a little more structured for our summer 2007 vacation. However, we still were very budget [...]

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The Future Art Historian’s Guide to Rome

A little flashback - The trip to Italy was planned by my school as a senior field trip with my art class in September 2006. Art was my major in high school, and I just couldn’t wait to go to Rome to spend one whole week full of visiting churches, museums, palaces, and gardens in Italy’s ancient capital. I mean, how could I attempt to be an art historian and not be beyond excited about going to Rome? My teacher took her job seriously, and I am pretty sure that we have seen basically everything of art historical relevance in [...]

The Insane Road Trip through France Part III: Mediterranean, here we go!

The Insane Road Trip through France Part III: Camargue region and the Mediterranean! After Iris and I had spent our second night in the Avignon area, we left to drive further south, towards the Mediterranean. On our way, we stopped to see the Nîmes, which used to be a relevant dwelling during the time of the Roman Empire, which still can be seen by several Roman relics such as the prominent amphitheater in the city center (where we fortunately didn’t even have to pay an admission fee to see it from the inside!). After the two days of culturally motivated traveling, we [...]

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The Insane Road Trip through France Part II: Provence

The Insane Road Trip through France Part II - Onward to Provence! After our first night stop in the Rhône-Alpes region we drove further south. Slowly, but steadily it was getting hotter and hotter. At some point on the road south we had 52 degrees in our car -- which did not have air conditioning! Even with the windows wide open and a constant air flow, it did still just feel like sitting in front of a blow-dryer. We stopped at gas stations along the road every once in a while, because they sometimes had cold water drizzle showers, but that [...]

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