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How The Netherlands Detered Us From Camping

I should have known better. Camping and I have never been the very best combination. However, I thought I had improved my camping skills throughout the past years, so I convinced Steffen to go camping with me in September 2009. Yet another story to file under camping gone wrong, although I had tried to plan so much ahead this time. We had booked a gorgeous camp ground in health resort city of Zandvoort located in the middle of the dunes. And in my idea this was going to be a perfect vacation. Our tent was going to be super cozy, we [...]

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“Monstrous” Road Trip through The Netherlands

After finally having survived our written finals and the very last day of high school in May 2007, one of my favorite travel companions, Carola (she is one of those artsy nerds like me) and I decided that we needed to do something  real crazy. So, Carola's family used to have this large Volkswagen van, which had a little hippie vibe to it, but they were about to get rid of it, since it was rather old. We felt like owing that car one last adventure, and thus came up with the idea of a road trip to the Netherlands - [...]

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The Insane Road Trip through France Part III: Mediterranean, here we go!

The Insane Road Trip through France Part III: Camargue region and the Mediterranean! After Iris and I had spent our second night in the Avignon area, we left to drive further south, towards the Mediterranean. On our way, we stopped to see the Nîmes, which used to be a relevant dwelling during the time of the Roman Empire, which still can be seen by several Roman relics such as the prominent amphitheater in the city center (where we fortunately didn’t even have to pay an admission fee to see it from the inside!). After the two days of culturally motivated traveling, we [...]

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The Insane Road Trip through France Part II: Provence

The Insane Road Trip through France Part II - Onward to Provence! After our first night stop in the Rhône-Alpes region we drove further south. Slowly, but steadily it was getting hotter and hotter. At some point on the road south we had 52 degrees in our car -- which did not have air conditioning! Even with the windows wide open and a constant air flow, it did still just feel like sitting in front of a blow-dryer. We stopped at gas stations along the road every once in a while, because they sometimes had cold water drizzle showers, but that [...]

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The Insane Road Trip through France: Off to the Rhône-Alpes

I had to split this story into three parts, because it would have been too long otherwise... This first post covers the trip through the Rhône-Alpes; from there we drove on to the Provence, after that we were headed for the Mediterranean -- Beware, this is a road trip tale of epic misadventures! Now this is just a slightly manic story. Maybe one of my favorites – although absolutely not my most glorious one. But it sure is hilarious, because we were so young, inexperienced and so out of it… But this trip definitively shaped me for the rest of my life: Let’s [...]

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