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Photo Essay: The Cathedral of Cologne

In my very first semester of art history back in 2007 I took a class called "The Medieval Cathedral"... not only because I loved Gothic cathedrals ever since I saw one for the first time, but also because my professor had a field trip planned. He had some connections to the stonemasons' workshop, which could offer us a behind the scenes tour. Now, what is "behind the scenes" when it comes to a medieval cathedral? My art historian's dream come true: The roof! The passages above the vaults! The restoration workshop! The triforium! Everything you might know is there, but [...]

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The Beautiful Island of Rab, Croatia – In Pictures

The great thing about staying on the islands in the Croatian Adriatic Sea is that it is pretty easy to do "island-hopping". Although staying on one island most of the time, you can easily explore some of the other islands and the main land for attractions like Plitvice Lakes by boat. In the summer season the boat trips in-between the islands, the Croatian main land and even to Italy are offered on a daily basis. However, most of them discontinue in the fall as the sea tends to be less predictable and the wind gets very strong. Luckily, some of the touristic mini-cruises for [...]

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Rediscovering Paris

I love "taking advantage" of my friends. This year, I was already hosted by Sarah in London and Kathi in Munich. I admit, I was cadging a little. But I can't help having cool friends, who live cool places -- I just have to go stay with them as soon as they invite me over! And again, one of those globetrotter friends of mine moved to one of the prettiest cities in Europe recently -- and I didn't hesitate for a second when Janina invited me to come to Paris last week! While I'm medieval art historian nerd, Janina studies archeology and [...]

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Why Prague Doesn’t Suck in the Rain

When Steffen and I arrived in Prague on an afternoon in September, summer was still omnipresent: People strolled along the streets, wearing shorts and flip flops, couples had rented candle lit pedal boats and floated along the Vltava river. It was a magical summer evening in an incredibly romantic city. But overnight -- fall arrived. Temperatures dropped from 27 degrees Celsius to only 15 degrees on the next day. The clear blue sky of the day before was gone. Suddenly everything was just gray. Of course, we were disappointed. The warm afternoon on our first day really got our hopes [...]

A Coffee Break in Ljubljana

I think I first read something about Ljubljana, Slovenia, when I was 16 years old: An article in a magazine saying that though Ljubljana was small capital, it has a great artistic (nowadays you would maybe use the word "hipster"?) vibe and is incredibly beautiful... and I wanted to see it for myself ever since. On the way back from Croatia (which I will be talking about very soon!) we drove through Slovenia and I insisted on stopping in Ljubljana - even if only for a few hours... These are my impressions collected in two hours in lovely Ljubljana: Starting out from [...]

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How To Do Prague Luxuriously and (!) On A Budget

After Budapest last year, Steffen and I made yet another trip to one of the famous Eastern Europe capitals last week. I have been wanting to see glorious Prague for ages -- ever since I heard about St. Vitus Dome in my first semester of art history. For a lover of Gothic architecture and medieval cities like me -- Prague is just the place to be!  But since we are both students right now we wanted to keep the budget low to not spend all our hard-earned summer-job money right away. And yes, we did manage to indulge in a [...]

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Photo Essay: Big Ben Bathed in Sunlight

Today's Photo of the Week is dedicated to my great trip to London last April: When my friend Sarah and I were walking across the famous bridge over the river Thames, the British weather was just as capricious as it is known for -- but when we turned around the late afternoon sun suddenly broke through the huge clouds and bathed Big Ben in the most magical light. So stunning!  

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Photo Essay: The Shadow of the Eiffel Tower

Introducing my new weekly photo series in which I'm posting one chosen favorite (and maybe slightly) artistic picture from my past travels each monday!  This week's Picturesque Monday: Paris - the most picturesque city of all! A photo taken from an Eiffel Tower platform on a hot June day showing the wonderful squiggly ornaments the shadow of the famous steel construction is creating.  

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Amsterdam – Sex, Drugs and Sightseeing

After finally having found a place to stay in Zandvoort  Steffen and I were excited to explore the (in)famous capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam has a crazy reputation. It's all about drugs, sex and beer, but at the same time Amsterdam has (had) a huge influence in the art scene. The regular train connection from Zandvoort took us right into the gorgeous central station of Amsterdam, which is already a first major sight to check out. After that we wanted to experience the city by foot and boat. Those are certainly the best ways to get to know the city. (Renting a bike [...]

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