Life Snippets of 2019: The Before, the C-Word, the After

I was sitting outside the doctor’s office waiting for my husband who had an appointment upstairs. It was an unusually warm February day and I had taken off my winter coat to soak in the early spring sun. Steffen was supposed to get some test results back. He had been having strange pains for a … Continue reading “Life Snippets of 2019: The Before, the C-Word, the After”

Nuremberg – Franconia’s Historical Treasure Chest

Nuremberg is one of those cities which are love at first sight. As soon as you pass through the main entrance door of the train station, your eyes fall upon the late medieval town fortification and into the cobblestone streets lined with half-timbered houses leading into the old city center… Yes, Nuremberg, you had me … Continue reading “Nuremberg – Franconia’s Historical Treasure Chest”

Nuremberg via Instagram

I just got back from a few days in the famous Bavarian city of Nuremberg, where I attended a field trip with a medieval studies group. Although spring still hasn’t arrived in Germany yet and I was freezing most of time, I had a great time exploring the exciting — and sometimes difficult — history … Continue reading “Nuremberg via Instagram”

Photo Essay: Adorable Augsburg

I have written about how I spent a fabulous summer birthday weekend visiting my friend Kathi in Munich. Since my actual birthday was on a Monday and Kathi had to work however, I decided to visit another good friend in Bavaria. Carola lives in the city of Augsburg, a 45 minute train ride from Munich. … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Adorable Augsburg”

A Little German Christmas Market Competition

Although I didn’t leave the borders of Germany in December, I traveled a lot. In Germany. My objective: Finding my favorite German Christmas market. So I explored the Christmas markets in five different cities and four different states. I didn’t go for the markets in the big touristic cities (there is a lot of coverage … Continue reading “A Little German Christmas Market Competition”

Turning 25 in Munich!

25. That is HUGE. Very grown up. A quarter century! I really wanted to do something special for this occasion – which included being as far away from my ugly-passing-through home town Siegen as possible! Luckily, my wonderful friend Kathi invited me to stay with her in June 2012. I had met her during my semester … Continue reading “Turning 25 in Munich!”

In Bavaria, All German Clichés Are True

Growing up in the middle parts of Germany, I tend to get a little annoyed with those standardized German clichés: Nobody I know owns Lederhosen. I have only eaten Sauerkraut once in my life. I don’t eat meat. I would always prefer a good wine over a beer. But a while back, Steffen moved to the little … Continue reading “In Bavaria, All German Clichés Are True”