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Love, It’s Complicated

I know this is a strange way to begin a travel-related blog post (especially when you have the real-life dating experience of a sandwich), but lately, I feel like a jealous ex-girlfriend. My first love and I have drifted apart. And I'm slightly heart-broken. A few years back, we were on the same page about everything. We were the perfect fit, and I felt like I alone had discovered the awesomeness that no one else saw. I was over the moon and couldn't stop smiling, because we were so amazing together. Unfortunately, I had to move on eventually. But I never [...]

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My Honest Thoughts on Solo Travel

I'm not a solo traveler. I never claimed to be one, I never used the label "solo female traveler" or the hashtag #wegosolo. Yet there were a few occasions I traveled more or less by myself, and my latest getaway to Vienna and Bratislava was even a classical solo trip. But honestly, I'm conflicted about solo travel. I know, many travel bloggers rave about the experience of traveling solo. They all live by the phrase "alone is not lonely" or "solo travel is the best way to travel". But you know what? I'm not going to write a post like that [...]

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Serra da Estrela – That Other Portugal

If anything is common knowledge about Portugal, it's the country's phenomenal beaches. I could sing songs about how amazing Portugal's beaches are, and I'd advice anyone, who desires a perfect (affordable!) beach vacation, to travel to the Algarve. But besides beaches and beautiful cities with colorfully tiled houses and windings streets, Portugal also has rough, impressive mountains -- with a ski-lift! Wait, what, skiing in Portugal?! Yep, you heard that right. See?! A ski-lift in Portugal! This different Portugal is the mountain range of Serra da Estrela. Of course, these mountains are not the Alps, but since they are so [...]

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10 Places You just Can’t Miss in Portugal

Summer has finally arrived in Germany and I cherish every little second of sunshine. The other day, I was waiting for my bus home when I suddenly longed for a cold, fresh pressed orange juice. I sat on a bench in the sun sipping my juice and realized how much I miss Portugal. A country where you can sit outside in the sun year round. A country where every little pastelaria sells freshly pressed orange juice for less than a Euro. How much I loved the Portuguese for their sweet tooth that they even serve the most delicious orange juice [...]

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Photo Essay: Charming Cascais

It's been a while since I've written a post about Portugal, but believe me -- I still have tons of Portuguese beauty to share! Like the gorgeous little city of Cascais. I discovered Cascais during my first week in Lisbon and kept returning regularly throughout my whole semester abroad, because Cascais is such a perfect little place. On public holidays, on hot Saturdays, or on those days Lisbon was a little too crowded with tourists, Cascais was just the ideal getaway for a day. Cascais is less than an hour from Lisbon by train, and riding the train along the [...]

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Photo Essay: The Ancient City of Évora

Portugal's (architectural) history dates back until ancient Roman times. Unfortunately there nowadays is little proof of the old Roman colony Lusitania anymore. Solely one little city in the central Portuguese region of Alentejo stands out, because it is home to the ruins of an ancient Roman temple. During the Roman reign, the city of Évora began to flourish, and in the first century A.D. this Corinthian temple was built. It was partly destroyed in the following centuries, but is classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site today. The Roman Temple of Évora This ancient architectural highlight is surrounded by a gorgeous medieval [...]

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Studying Abroad in Europe – Myths and Reality

Studying abroad in Europe always comes with a reputation. Among all students the European study abroad programs are rarely mentioned without some of these words accompanying it: Beer! Shots! Party! Beach! Surf classes! Sangria! More Party! Drunk girls! Hot surfer guys! A beer at the beach. The essence of studying abroad? After all, the European study abroad program -- called "Erasmus" -- allows students from all over Europe to study in any other European country without paying anything. Moreover, you'll even get a financial aid ranging from 80 to 800 €uro (yeah, guess how much I got) depending on your [...]

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Photo Essay: The Most Perfect Beach Sunset

Call me corny, but there's nothing more romantic than a sunset on the beach. No matter how often I'm lucky enough to experience such a combination of two of the most gorgeous sides of nature, I'm always awestruck before this colorful beauty anew. This Picturesque Monday photo was taken in Caravelos, a little beach town close to Lisbon. And it has a little background story that makes it even more cheesy romantic: I was studying abroad in Portugal at the time and hadn't seen Steffen in two months. He came to visit me for a weekend in late October, and I [...]

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Photo Essay: Books, Books, Books!

I love books. I'm a huge bookworm. And despite all the apparent benefits of Kindles and other e-Readers, I will never ever prefer an e-book over an actual one. I love the smell of books. I love the sounds when running through the pages. I love how a hardcover, or the pages feel. And - I think books are THE best fitment. Nothing makes an apartment more comfortable than books... Of course, book stores and libraries are the places I feel at home right away. One of the most amazing book stores I have been to so far, was Ler Devagar [...]

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What Porto Really Is About – A Photo Essay

My beloved Lisbon and I have an ongoing love affair, which has lasted for years. But if I ever happened to cheat on Lisbon in a weak moment, it would be with Porto. That other great city, up in Portugal's north, where the people are even friendlier, the food is heartier, and the wine is even sweeter. The old wooden boats of the port wine cellars Porto is just adoringly Portuguese: Beautiful, at ease, a little slow. It is not a perfect city - the streets aren't free of dog poop, and most of the houses in the city are [...]

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