Hey there, welcome! I’m Julika, a 33-year-old German medievalist and I’m a mad scientist-cliché about 14th century ivory caskets.

Eight years ago, I started this blog to cope with my insane wanderlust. But way more than a travel blog, this corner of the internet was my experimental creative outlet and my quarter-life-crisis therapy.

These days, I don’t blog as much as I used to, and I also don’t travel as much as I used to, but this blog is still very precious to me: It’s my coming-of-age story. It’s a diary of my struggles with the uncertainties that came with picking a humanities major and the confusion that accompanied the desire to live a creative life.

Why “Sateless Suitcase”?

I chose to name this blog Sateless Suitcase, because it combines what I comprehend as the acme of traveling: Whereas “suitcase” is an obvious, intercultural symbol for a journey, “sateless” is an (extremely) old-fashioned word for insatiable — a word, which is barely used nowadays. However, this is exactly what I liked about the word “sateless”. In my definition, its age relates to writing travel memories as one of the oldest kinds of literature and thus it can be seen as an embodiment of my personal understanding of the humanities and my own role as a cultural historian: Written words about the way one sees and experiences the world help persevering history and culture for the next generations.

By composing this blog, I hope to contribute inspiring thoughts on how to perceive the world and share them with others. I want curiosity to enrich our lives, I want the blog to be a platform for conveying my stories and photos — to be inspired in return.