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How to Plan a Girls Getaway in Europe

I've traveled with lots of different people in lots of different situations: From exchange student weekend trips to the Algarve with way too many drinking games to a family vacation with my grown-up sisters in Croatia; from a 12-person-pilgramge to attend a wedding in Romania to spontaneous city getaways from Bruges to Budapest with the boyfriend. I traveled with people I've known all my life and with people I've barely known at all. I've traveled with clingy couples and people who need hours to get ready in morning, but also with people who don't mind spending the hottest summer days in museums [...]

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The Best Food Finds in Madrid

Strangely enough, I've written a lot about food lately. My story with learning to love food abroad (and in general) is long and complex, but the more I eat and the more I travel, the more I get obsessed with food abroad. From unexpectedly falling in love with the quality food in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and the French fries in Belgium last year, to myth-busting Berlin's food myths and discovering the best flavors of Rome this spring, my taste buds and I have definitely come a long way lately. And food was definitely one reason I was thrilled to travel [...]

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Photo Essay: Spring Days in Madrid

I love spring in Europe. And I love traveling in Europe in springtime, because of fewer crowds and the possibility of amazing weather. But it's always a bit of a poker game -- you never know what you'll get until are really there: Last year, I saw beautiful Strasbourg on an almost summer-like April day, just to be massively rained on the next day. Back in May last year, I never needed a jacket in Switzerland, but was shivering in the rain in Holland for nine days straight. There's honestly no way to speak of weather consistency during this time [...]

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Madrid via Instagram

I just got back from Madrid (this month was crazy travel-wise!) and -- yet again -- I have so. very. much. to say about my time in Spain and my very first visit to its capital. But first, a little introduction via the photos I took on my phone. I have declared my love for Instagram as an immediate travel diary many times before, so I'll try to keep the first introductory paragraphs as short as possible to let the photos speak for themselves. I have noticed that the photos I take on my phone are different from the ones [...]

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Barcelona, Baby!?

To be honest, this trip was one of my first real city getaways and I've made a few mistakes back then: Choosing the wrong accommodation, the wrong flight company, the wrong priorities when it came to food. But traveling is something you can only learn along the way. This trip was still a lot of fun, but I know we should have done some things differently. What do you think? After our disastrous road trip to France Iris and I decided that we needed to do something a little more structured for our summer 2007 vacation. However, we still were very budget [...]

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