Published On: 2012/07/18

Without further ado – I love Portugal.

Here are the ten things
I adore the most about this amazing country

Portugal has the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen… I never got sick of taking pictures. Especially in combination with palm trees.

Pastéis de nata – so heavenly, no words could describe… if I could eat these for the rest of my life, I would be the happiest girl in the world.

Absolutely no need to explain any further.

Grilled fish dishes – to die for!

Manuline Architecture.
Late Gothic, one-of-a-kind-Portuguese, simply beautiful, my art historian dream come true!

Park-like viewpoints all over the capital – every one of them makes Lisbon appear even more amazing from a new angle.

Parks & Gardens.
From tiny to large, from wildly botanical to artificially designed like Versailles: Portugal has it all. They are used year round by families, couples, retirees, joggers – and in Lisbon, for free public concerts all summer.

It takes months to learn all the different kinds of coffee. But it’s worth it – all of them are delicious and marvelously strong.

Or rather “Winter”. I just loved missing out on freezing, snow slush, and wearing gloves. Pretty much, my whole January in Portugal looked like this:

The nicest people ever. Really.