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Photo Essay: The Castle of Braunfels

Usually, I don't like German clichés as I'm the walking opposite of a typical German (despite my hair color maybe): I don't eat meat, I prefer wine over beer, I'm horribly chaotic and I'm never ever on time. But I feel like there is one cliché about the country of Germany itself which really is true: Germany has an insane amount of castles. The little town where I went to school has a castle. I can see a castle from my parent's kitchen window. On the way to my summer job I drive by two other castles. During my undergrad [...]

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Photo Essay: Sainte-Chapelle in Paris

Every once in a while I just have to go back to the roots. Back to my roots as an art historian. I can't go too long without writing about my beloved Gothic cathedrals. If you have read my little art historical background you know that I decided to become an art historian while being moved to tears in the shimmering ambulatory of Basilique Saint Denis, one of the most magnificent Gothic cathedrals of all times. Medieval churches are my favorite places, my emotional safe havens. They are places to calm down, to think, to catch your breath, to be still. To [...]

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Photo Essay: Picture-Perfect Potsdam

This past weekend I escaped on a spontaneous weekend trip to Berlin and its famous neighboring city Potsdam. Before I start putting my overwhelming Berlin impressions into words I wanted to introduce the beautiful city of Potsdam -- to give it the attention it deserves. Potsdam was the royal residency of the kingdom of Prussia and the former royal glamour can be seen all over the city. Potsdam is dominated by palaces and parks that have been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1990ies. Although the city center itself is gorgeously renovated, the most renowned part of Potsdam [...]

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Photo Essay: Summer in Germany

I don't really share a lot about what my life looks like when I don't travel. I currently live in-between Cologne and Frankfurt, in the official middle of nowhere -- and I don't consider my life to be really interesting right now, because it consists out of two things: Waiting for my Master's thesis evaluation coming in so that I can finally start planning my very last oral exam, and working. Yes, after "traveling up" all my savings this year I'm working full-time again. Don't worry, it's only for the summer and I'm not becoming a grown-up just yet. But I [...]

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Photo Essay: Medieval Bruges

If I look back on the cities I traveled to this year, I'm surprised how I managed to stick to my (unintended) theme of gorgeous cities with canals and a medieval center -- Nuremberg, Strasbourg, Colmar, and even Paris are all places with an exciting medieval history and I adored visiting all of them. Although I probably described their outer features very much alike, for me, they was totally different: Nuremberg's medieval history was overshadowed by anti-Semitism, Strasbourg and Colmar have always had a special geographical position due to their location right in-between France and Germany. I don't know when [...]

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Photo Essay: Canal Saint-Martin – The Different Paris

We've all seen 'those' Paris photos: The unmistakable landmarks, the fancy cafés and the wide boulevards. And although I truly adore all these features of the stunning French capital, I've always longed to see another Paris -- to look beyond the picture-perfect façades of ornamental balconies and beyond what first-time visitors see of Paris. For my visit to Paris last month, I booked a hostel located near Place de la République which turned out to be the perfect location to explore an entirely different kind of Paris: Canal Saint-Martin. To be honest, until recently, I didn't even know that Paris had [...]

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Photo Essay: Place des Vosges on a Summer Morning

Usually I never sleep in when I’m visiting a city for only a few days, because I just don’t want to waste any of my precious time sleeping. But still, I rarely leave my hostel before 9 am (which I still consider somewhat early!). On my June visit to Paris however, I arrived in the City of Lights at 5.30 am in the morning. Obviously, I couldn’t check into my hostel this early so I had no other choice but to go out and explore Paris while it was slowly waking up on that beautiful warm June morning. Sideways were [...]

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Photo Essay: The Centre Pompidou

It was during my last years in high school during my art class when I realized that I'm biased when it comes to architecture. I quickly fell in love with medieval cathedrals and I admired ancient Greek and Roman architecture. I learned to read Renaissance footprints and I was charmed by ornament-rich 19th century historicism. But at in the beginning of the 20th century architecture somehow lost me… When I saw a photo of Paris' huge museum for modern art for the first time, my reaction simply was "ugh, that's ugly". And it's true, the Centre Pompidou cannot be considered [...]

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Photo Essay: The Promenade Plantée

In a city like Paris you can never see it all. And Paris and I sort of have the tradition that every time I get back from a trip, I hear about a really cool thing to see or place to have coffee at within a week of my return, which I have just missed. When I got back from my visit to Paris in November -- on which I in fact managed to see a lot of the lesser known attractions like the Jardin des Plantes and Cimetière de Montmartre -- I learned about one place I definitely had [...]

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Photo Essay: Utterly Dutch Utrecht

I knew I would like Utrecht. My little sister has been there a few years ago and said it was like a mini Amsterdam. When I visited Amsterdam a while back, the city and I didn't really connect. I mean -- I had a great time in Amsterdam, I liked the pretty canals and enjoyed the cliché touristy stuff like visiting the Heineken Brewery. But somehow, Amsterdam felt too crowded, too crammed with the typical let's-get-high-and-see-prostitutes-tourists. So to me, a picturesque mini version of Amsterdam sounded very promising. And Utrecht did not disappoint. Whereas Amsterdam has complex ring-like system of [...]

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