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A Lesson on Happiness from 2015

Although the New Year is already a couple of weeks old, I'm still thinking about how I love the nostalgic last days of the old and first days of the New Year. As someone who over-thinks even the smallest words and gestures for decades, I'm glad it's justified to cling to memories from the past year on the days before New Year's Eve -- and be hopeful during the first days and weeks of January. I'm usually more the pessimistic  realistic type, but the idea of a fresh start never ceases to motivate me. In many ways, 2015 was a year [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of September 2015

September started like every month should start: In white hotel linen and a salty breeze from the Mediterranean pouring in through the open balcony doors, softly moving the light curtains. Starting the month on a high note though, always means there's the potential for disappointment. Overall, September was not a bad month, not at all, but going back to the same old day to day routine after two weeks of vacation bliss was definitely a little challenge. Travel Turkey was incredible. All I wanted was relaxation and lying on the beach without even thinking of my computer. And it was basically already the best. But getting [...]

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On Three Years of Blogging

I remember when I was younger, I kept stumbling across phrases like "once you're in your late twenties, you'll be less insecure" all over the place. I don't like clichés like that, but these days I feel like it's actually true: With age comes confidence. A few years ago, I was constantly thinking about what other people thought of me. I've always loved wearing black clothes for example, but I couldn't stand the comments about my appearance and questions like "has someone died or why are you wearing dark clothes all the time?". I spent weeks feeling uncomfortable in bright and [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of May 2015

I feel like being a little too redundant with starting off this monthly recap with the same cliché I used for my April wrap-up, but it just sounds so adequate this time around as well: May was a month of quite a few ups and downs regrading life, weather, and emotional states. But if writing monthly round-up posts has taught me anything yet, then that life is just like a constant roller coaster ride sometimes. Maybe this is just the reality of 20-something life. Maybe this is even just life in general. But how would we even notice the highlights if there [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of April 2015

April was a rollercoaster ride kind of month: From weather to emotional states, there was just plenty going on this month for me. There were many ups and some downs, but mainly: There was spring! The month had actually started off with a giant April fools' brought to Germany by the weather in Central Europe: Snow! And not just a little sleet, but the actual white stuff that sticks. Only two days later though, I landed in the Middle East for a glorious week of Mediterranean spring sunshine and desert heat by the Red Sea. When I returned, Germany was still grey and gloomy, [...]

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I’m going to Jordan!

This is the biggest news I've had in a long time, maybe even the biggest news I ever had ever since starting this blog: I'm off to Jordan tomorrow! I'm going to the Middle East! I know! I can't even believe it myself! I'll be visiting Jordan as a guest of the Jordan Tourism Board and will get to see all the places I could only dream of until now! For the first time in forever I actually needed to get myself a passport! It's the first time in ten years that I'm actually leaving the European continent to explore [...]

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Why I Don’t Quit my Job to Travel

We had just ordered our pizza and were hungrily sipping on our drinks, desperately waiting for our food to arrive after a long day at the world's biggest travel trade fair. It had been a day of small talk and business appointments, but as the evening commenced our press badges and business selves were slowly vanishing. We started chatting about non-work related topics, but naturally always returned to the same old one, the common favorite: Travel. -- Have you been to the Algarve? Can you repeat how to say cheers in Hungarian? What did you think of Bratislava? I suddenly realized [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of February 2015

Back in 2012 when I started this blog, I began researching what kind of blog series I should have. Because apparently, a blog needs a weekly series, right? At least I seemed like that to me. Basically every blog I've been following has, or has at least used to have, a weekly (photo) series. For many of us bloggers, this was how we got used to editorial calendars and the pressure of having a certain kind of blog post published on a certain day of the week. From Sunset Sundays, to Travel Tuesdays, to the (indestructible) Photo Friday, there's basically no [...]

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On Being Content

When I look around, everyone seems to be so ambitious. Whether it's people I barely know, or my closest friends, everyone seems to be striving toward something: To lose a few pounds, to graduate magna cum laude, to find the dream job, to gain more Instagram followers, to find the love with that everlasting spark. Being surrounded by all these ambitious friends and acquaintances (aka people I stalk online) can be exhausting. Don't get me wrong though, it's in no way a bad thing to work toward something, to have certain goals. But sometimes I feel like this ongoing ambition contest also leads [...]

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I Dreamed a Dream

"I dreamed a dream my life would be..." -- these are the famous words Fantine sings in Les Miserables when she realizes that her life has absolutely not turned out the way she thought it would. Of course, I'm not comparing myself to Fantine's horrible fate. But her words stuck with me nonetheless: I was 16 years old when I was Fantine in our high school musical production of Les Miserables -- and I had a certain dream what my life would be like in the future, too. It was only a little high school musical show, but for me it was the [...]

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