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Around the World in Coffees: The 2013 Edition

About one year ago, I collected all my coffee photos from my previous years of travel and combined them in a photo essay called "Around the World in 80 Coffees". This post didn't cover the whole world, nor 80 coffees, but it presented a view of the world through the eyes someone who loves coffee and travel equally. From fantastic Portuguese galois on the beach to spectacularly good espressos in hip London coffee shops like Prufrock, 2012 was a great year in "caffeine travel" for me. So I ended my 2012 coffee post with the resolution to travel more and [...]

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A Taste of Belgium

I already admitted that I'm not (yet) a foodie. Okay, so I might have turned into a part time foodie throughout the last months, but I'm about to destroy this reputation with the revelation of my dirty little foodie secret: I love French fries! To be exact: French fries are my favorite food. Seriously. In my perception of the world, fries cure headaches and hangovers. Fries can turn a bad day into a good one; fries are the perfect comfort food and the perfect reward food. But before I have to rename this post "An Ode to French Fries" -- [...]

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Photo Essay: Medieval Bruges

If I look back on the cities I traveled to this year, I'm surprised how I managed to stick to my (unintended) theme of gorgeous cities with canals and a medieval center -- Nuremberg, Strasbourg, Colmar, and even Paris are all places with an exciting medieval history and I adored visiting all of them. Although I probably described their outer features very much alike, for me, they was totally different: Nuremberg's medieval history was overshadowed by anti-Semitism, Strasbourg and Colmar have always had a special geographical position due to their location right in-between France and Germany. I don't know when [...]

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A Birthday in Bruges

I think I'm a little weird when it comes to birthdays. Usually, I try not to care about my birthday and I rarely plan anything, sometimes even trying to pretty much ignore the date. In the past, I would rather take an extra shift at my part time job in a clothing store than throw a huge birthday party. Somehow, birthday parties never really worked out the way I planned them and so I stopped doing something special, because I think I'm just too afraid to be disappointed. Instead of throwing a party, lately I developed a habit of "not [...]

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