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That Paris Feeling

It seems so surreal now, but in February 2020 I traveled to Paris: An extended weekend getaway to one of my favorite cities with my mom and sister. From a Central European perspective, the pandemic was just around the corner in mid-February, yet still seemed too far away back then. My sister wanted to do something special for her birthday, my mom hadn't been to Paris in 30 years and was eager to go back. I was desperately looking forward to a year of travel and weekend getaways to catch up on everything I had missed in 2019. So we [...]

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Five Times in Paris

In my teleological view of life, I have to be  I'm convinced I'm at the best I've been yet: I love looking back and connecting the dots that led me to where I'm now, to understand how I got here in the first place. It's fun to see how I changed over the last decade, and how my travel style changed accordingly. And it's even more fun to look at old photos and visually notice the changes -- especially since many of those moments are well-documented on this blog. When I returned to Paris for the fifth time in January of [...]

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Around the World in Coffees: The 2015 Edition

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And by that I mean: I get to look back on the last year through the coffees I drank! Ever since I wrote my first blog post about traveling and coffee, my yearly coffee round-up has become an article I look forward to writing the entire year. I love how a collage of my coffees always tells stories from my kitchen table in Göttingen to far-off places all over the world. The changing of scenery, light, cups, tables, or sweet treats on the side are always part of my favorite memories, because with [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of August 2015

I had planned for August to be a slow month. With a lot of time for reading and writing and concentrating. August in a German university town like Göttingen means the city is pretty empty and the supermarkets actually still have frozen pizza on stock, which would never happen during the semester. Life feels a little more relaxed and quiet in August. In some ways August really was a slow month -- except that I barely spent a weekend at home. Travel Ever since my last visit to Paris back in June 2013, I've been wanting to return. Paris is [...]

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Paris in August via Instagram

There was a time when I was really into writing Instagram photo blog posts, but I haven't been doing a lot of them lately as I felt like my images were becoming too repetitive -- even though I'm still old-fashioned and take photos with both my dSLR (for the blog) and my phone (for Instagram) at the same time. However, I didn't want to be boring and share photos of the same place several times so I didn't write any Instagram round-up posts for my last trips. With my newest realization that I don't bother bringing a wide-angle lens on most [...]

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My Honest Thoughts on Solo Travel

I'm not a solo traveler. I never claimed to be one, I never used the label "solo female traveler" or the hashtag #wegosolo. Yet there were a few occasions I traveled more or less by myself, and my latest getaway to Vienna and Bratislava was even a classical solo trip. But honestly, I'm conflicted about solo travel. I know, many travel bloggers rave about the experience of traveling solo. They all live by the phrase "alone is not lonely" or "solo travel is the best way to travel". But you know what? I'm not going to write a post like that [...]

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Of Baguettes and History – Jardin du Luxembourg

Most of the time, it just takes a pretty picture on Pinterest or a scene in a movie and all of a sudden I'm not able to get my mind off of Paris. This city is everywhere -- in the movies, the commercials, the fashion magazines. And every time I see it, I'm reminded of how I cannot wait to go back. For me, Paris is the almost surreal contrast between picture-perfect movie settings and the edgy urban agglomeration. Its beauty is so out there and so subliminal at the same time, that it is almost impossible to describe Paris in [...]

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Photo Essay: Midnight in Paris

First of all, sorry for the cheesy title. As I literature and art geek I obviously loved Woody Allen's movie and I honestly wish I could time-travel to Paris of the fabulous 1920ies. But the movie aside, these photos were literally taken at midnight in Paris. My whole day in Paris was already perfect: I strolled along Canal Saint-Martin at noon and spent the afternoon in the shade underneath the Eiffel Tower picnicking with friends for no less than five hours. After watching the sunset at Champs de Mars, my friend Edna and I strolled along the lively streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, [...]

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Capture the Color: My 2013 Travel Photos

I don't need a reason to go through my travel photos every once in a while: I love images, and I always love a little trip down memory lane. So when Alex, my favorite Texan expat in Germany, tagged me to be a part in this year's Capture the Color Photo Contest, I was excited to go through my photos once more. In this contest, participants choose one photo for each primary color. I however, chose a few more photos to mirror my favorite destinations of 2013 thus  far (although I violate the contest's rules) -- each destination, depicted in [...]

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Photo Essay: Musée Rodin in Paris

Paris has some of the most amazing museums of the world, and when re-visited Paris for the third time earlier this summer, I challenged myself to see as many museums as possible. But the weather was so perfect that I didn't want spend too much time inside crowded and gloomy museum hallways -- summer in Paris is just too magical to not experience it outside. So I was really glad when my lovely museum date Edna suggested that we should go see Musée Rodin. This museum in the 7th arrondissement wasn't originally on the list of museums I wanted to [...]

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