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Why I love Traveling by Train in Europe

It's no secret that I love traveling by train. Trains are a part of my everyday as well as my travel life. And no matter if it's just a random Wednesday train ride to university, or a trip to another country -- taking the train is my favorite mode of transportation in Europe. For me, this has obvious reasons. Trains are simply comfortable. Train rides are not as bumpy as rides on a bus or a plane. This means several great things: 1. The soft simultaneous rocking of the train puts me to sleep like a baby. 2. I can [...]

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Nuremberg via Instagram

I just got back from a few days in the famous Bavarian city of Nuremberg, where I attended a field trip with a medieval studies group. Although spring still hasn't arrived in Germany yet and I was freezing most of time, I had a great time exploring the exciting -- and sometimes difficult -- history of Nuremberg. But before I go into further detail (soon!) and tell you about sleeping in the former hayloft of a medieval castle, and what it feels like to touch the fragile pages of a 15th century manuscript, I'll give you a little sneak peek [...]

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Photo Essay: Fascinating Frankfurt

In my opinion, Frankfurt is underrated. It's renowned as Europe's financial capital and for being home to the third largest airport in Europe. Most travelers end up in Frankfurt, the seemingly unexciting lay-over city, sooner or later. But Frankfurt has a whole lot more to offer. I might be biased, but I really like Frankfurt. From there I started my most life-changing travel adventures. Frankfurt was first place I was asked to pose for a photo with a bunch of Japanese tourists. It was the first city I rode a subway all by myself (and yes, when you grow up [...]

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Photo Essay: The Medieval Wonderland of Maulbronn

Last August my family and I were driving down to Southern Germany where one of my cousins held a post-wedding family barbeque (because she before eloped in Denmark with her Nigerian husband -- I love how multi-cultural my family is!). Somewhere on the road, in-between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, I spotted a sign saying 'Maulbronn'. I knew I had heard this name before, and was pretty sure it had something to do with the Middle Ages and art. I blurrily recalled one of my first semester art history professors mention Maulbronn in a lecture. Without really knowing what to expect, I [...]

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Photo Essay: The Windows of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

It's no secret that my favorite art historical period is the Middle Ages. I really can't tell you how that happened (it is a quirky favorite period after all), but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Gothic cathedrals. These gigantic churches that were built as high as possible without any help of cranes or measurement technologies. All the builders wanted, was to praise God with sanctuaries that were symbols for a heavenly afterlife. And now, almost thousand years later, some of these churches still stand. They survived depredations and sometimes even bombs. Although our modern world can [...]

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Photo Essay: The Ancient City of Évora

Portugal's (architectural) history dates back until ancient Roman times. Unfortunately there nowadays is little proof of the old Roman colony Lusitania anymore. Solely one little city in the central Portuguese region of Alentejo stands out, because it is home to the ruins of an ancient Roman temple. During the Roman reign, the city of Évora began to flourish, and in the first century A.D. this Corinthian temple was built. It was partly destroyed in the following centuries, but is classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site today. The Roman Temple of Évora This ancient architectural highlight is surrounded by a gorgeous medieval [...]

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Photo Essay: The Ruins of Rome

You might call it procrastinating (and it probably is), but I've been going through photos and reminiscing quite lot lately, and found some gems from former trips around Europe... And since I'm unfortunately tied to my desk for two more months, I wanted to share a little of my Rome-back-in-2006-reminiscence with you. Rome, of course, was art historical heaven to me. A city with more than 400 churches (and this girl loves churches!) that is also home to the most fascinating buildings, sculptures, murals, fountains, paintings... everything. The ruins of the Crico Massimo  What I liked best however was how [...]

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The Beauty of Budapest

You are probably annoyed by my complaining about being pretty much broke right now, so let's just reminisce better times for a while... Back in 2011, Steffen (aka the boyfriend) was working full-time and had a few savings left to splurge. He has always had a passion for photography and since he then had the money, he decided to finally invest into a Nikon DSLR (smart choice!). And he also gave me an amazing present for Christmas: A vacation at whatever destination I wanted to go to (even smarter choice!). I mean, I know how it sounds (and I did [...]

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What Porto Really Is About – A Photo Essay

My beloved Lisbon and I have an ongoing love affair, which has lasted for years. But if I ever happened to cheat on Lisbon in a weak moment, it would be with Porto. That other great city, up in Portugal's north, where the people are even friendlier, the food is heartier, and the wine is even sweeter. The old wooden boats of the port wine cellars Porto is just adoringly Portuguese: Beautiful, at ease, a little slow. It is not a perfect city - the streets aren't free of dog poop, and most of the houses in the city are [...]

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A Walk Around Cimetière de Montmartre

I admit I'm a little quirky... I love the middle ages, I love churches, I love Gothic architecture. And with all that comes that I also truly love cemeteries. It sounds morbid, but I like the intense stillness on graveyards. The veneration that slightly overcomes you, and the subtle shivering that makes you hush... It inspires me. When I visited Paris six years ago, I was really sad that I did not make it to the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery. I wanted to see it ever since. When I spontaneously spent a weekend in Paris this month my host and personal guide Janina, [...]

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