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Photo Essay: The Windows of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

It's no secret that my favorite art historical period is the Middle Ages. I really can't tell you how that happened (it is a quirky favorite period after all), but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Gothic cathedrals. These gigantic churches that were built as high as possible without any help of cranes or measurement technologies. All the builders wanted, was to praise God with sanctuaries that were symbols for a heavenly afterlife. And now, almost thousand years later, some of these churches still stand. They survived depredations and sometimes even bombs. Although our modern world can [...]

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Around the World in 80 Coffees?!

When I was skimming through the pictures I took on my trips during the last year I realized that I developed a strange habit: I take pictures of my coffees. A lot. It may be an unconscious result of my addiction, but I consider coffee to be picture-worthy. And pretty. And very cultural. Are you aware that "Coffee" is one of the easiest words to learn in so many languages? Coffee, café (French, Portuguese, Spanish - all covered in one word!), caffè (Italian), Kaffee (German), koffie (Dutch), káva (Czech, Slovakian), kava (Croatian, Slovenian, Lithuanian - again, 3 languages, one word!), kaffe (Norwegian, Swedish), [...]

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Why Prague Doesn’t Suck in the Rain

When Steffen and I arrived in Prague on an afternoon in September, summer was still omnipresent: People strolled along the streets, wearing shorts and flip flops, couples had rented candle lit pedal boats and floated along the Vltava river. It was a magical summer evening in an incredibly romantic city. But overnight -- fall arrived. Temperatures dropped from 27 degrees Celsius to only 15 degrees on the next day. The clear blue sky of the day before was gone. Suddenly everything was just gray. Of course, we were disappointed. The warm afternoon on our first day really got our hopes [...]

How To Do Prague Luxuriously and (!) On A Budget

After Budapest last year, Steffen and I made yet another trip to one of the famous Eastern Europe capitals last week. I have been wanting to see glorious Prague for ages -- ever since I heard about St. Vitus Dome in my first semester of art history. For a lover of Gothic architecture and medieval cities like me -- Prague is just the place to be!  But since we are both students right now we wanted to keep the budget low to not spend all our hard-earned summer-job money right away. And yes, we did manage to indulge in a [...]

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