Published On: 2013/01/19

You are probably annoyed by my complaining about being pretty much broke right now, so let’s just reminisce better times for a while… Back in 2011, Steffen (aka the boyfriend) was working full-time and had a few savings left to splurge. He has always had a passion for photography and since he then had the money, he decided to finally invest into a Nikon DSLR (smart choice!). And he also gave me an amazing present for Christmas: A vacation at whatever destination I wanted to go to (even smarter choice!). I mean, I know how it sounds (and I did call him my sugar daddy for while), but we had actually never been on a “grown-up” vacation until then.

I wanted to go to Budapest – the glorious Hungarian capital. Steffen and I equally adored Budapest from the very beginning, and both agreed that Eastern Europe deserves so much more attention! So I’m presenting…

A little collection of our favorite photos of beautiful Budapest
during a perfect extended June weekend

The iconic Castle Hill 

A view of Buda and the Danube 

The famous Chain Bridge and the neo-Gothic Hungarian Parliament

Fisherman’s Bastion

Beauty en detail!  

Autotimer tourist shot on the Chain Bridge!

Inside the Matthias Church 

Vegetable display in the Great Market Hall

 St. Stephen’s Basilica

Us on top of St. Stephen’s Basilica

Oh, we went to the zoo. And fell in love with this sloth.
We wanted him as our pet. 

Street food Budapest style: Goulash!

A cruise on the Danube – the only way to get a perfect shot of… 

the Castle Hill 

and the gorgeous Hungarian Parliament 

Have you been to Budapest? Did you fall in love with it too?