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The Art Historian’s Guide to Falling in Love with Frankfurt

It's awkwardly quiet on the train leaving Frankfurt main station on this Tuesday afternoon considering there's no empty seat left. People are even standing in the hallways, but they are quietly looking at their phones, or reading. Rarely anyone speaks. I watch the long shadows created by the late afternoon September sun fly by the window and wonder: What is it that fascinates me about the city I just left? A city that apparently doubles its population during office hours? The people around me wear dark suits and expensive bags. They are business people working in finances and investment banking. [...]

Photo Essay: Fascinating Frankfurt

In my opinion, Frankfurt is underrated. It's renowned as Europe's financial capital and for being home to the third largest airport in Europe. Most travelers end up in Frankfurt, the seemingly unexciting lay-over city, sooner or later. But Frankfurt has a whole lot more to offer. I might be biased, but I really like Frankfurt. From there I started my most life-changing travel adventures. Frankfurt was first place I was asked to pose for a photo with a bunch of Japanese tourists. It was the first city I rode a subway all by myself (and yes, when you grow up [...]

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