Photo Essay: Canal Saint-Martin – The Different Paris

We’ve all seen ‘those’ Paris photos: The unmistakable landmarks, the fancy cafés and the wide boulevards. And although I truly adore all these features of the stunning French capital, I’ve always longed to see another Paris — to look beyond the picture-perfect façades of ornamental balconies and beyond what first-time visitors see of Paris. For my … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Canal Saint-Martin – The Different Paris”

Photo Essay: Place des Vosges on a Summer Morning

Usually I never sleep in when I’m visiting a city for only a few days, because I just don’t want to waste any of my precious time sleeping. But still, I rarely leave my hostel before 9 am (which I still consider somewhat early!). On my June visit to Paris however, I arrived in the … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Place des Vosges on a Summer Morning”

Photo Essay: The Centre Pompidou

It was during my last years in high school during my art class when I realized that I’m biased when it comes to architecture. I quickly fell in love with medieval cathedrals and I admired ancient Greek and Roman architecture. I learned to read Renaissance footprints and I was charmed by ornament-rich 19th century historicism. … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Centre Pompidou”

Photo Essay: The Promenade Plantée

In a city like Paris you can never see it all. And Paris and I sort of have the tradition that every time I get back from a trip, I hear about a really cool thing to see or place to have coffee at within a week of my return, which I have just missed. … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Promenade Plantée”

The Truth About Paris on a Budget

Paris on a budget? Isn’t that a paradox? A city with incredibly high rents, a city where desserts are topped with gold foil, a city where the most expensive handbags have to be updated every season? A few months back, I just randomly booked hostel in Paris on a whim. Just because I felt like … Continue reading “The Truth About Paris on a Budget”

The Street Art of Paris – In Pictures

I don’t know how I discovered street art. Somehow it was suddenly there. Maybe I am just a lemming of a huge new hipster street art hype. But no matter how I came to like street art in the first place, I know I do. A lot. And Paris has plenty of street art. un … Continue reading “The Street Art of Paris – In Pictures”

Photo Essay: The Louvre in the Rain

Paris in the rain is one of the prettiest clichés in the world… Paris is gorgeous in the sunshine, romantic at night – but it feels most unreal and beautiful in the rain. This may sound like a combination of a Woody Allen movie and a Cole Porter song, but for me it’s most certainly true. … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Louvre in the Rain”

A Walk Around Cimetière de Montmartre

I admit I’m a little quirky… I love the middle ages, I love churches, I love Gothic architecture. And with all that comes that I also truly love cemeteries. It sounds morbid, but I like the intense stillness on graveyards. The veneration that slightly overcomes you, and the subtle shivering that makes you hush… It inspires me. … Continue reading “A Walk Around Cimetière de Montmartre”

Around the World in 80 Coffees?!

When I was skimming through the pictures I took on my trips during the last year I realized that I developed a strange habit: I take pictures of my coffees. A lot. It may be an unconscious result of my addiction, but I consider coffee to be picture-worthy. And pretty. And very cultural. Are you aware … Continue reading “Around the World in 80 Coffees?!”

The Dilemma of (Fake) Fantasy Travel

I few weeks ago, I finally gave in to the social media circus and signed up for Pinterest. One of the very first things I did, naturally, was checking out the travel category. Besides the 4569 photos of different angles of the Eiffel Tower, I found places I’ve been to, places I’d like to go to, … Continue reading “The Dilemma of (Fake) Fantasy Travel”