Published On: 2012/11/24

When I was skimming through the pictures I took on my trips during the last year I realized that I developed a strange habit: I take pictures of my coffees. A lot. It may be an unconscious result of my addiction, but I consider coffee to be picture-worthy. And pretty. And very cultural.

Are you aware that “Coffee” is one of the easiest words to learn in so many languages?
Coffee, café (French, Portuguese, Spanish – all covered in one word!), caffè (Italian), Kaffee (German), koffie (Dutch), káva (Czech, Slovakian), kava (Croatian, Slovenian, Lithuanian – again, 3 languages, one word!), kaffe (Norwegian, Swedish), cafea (Romanian), kaffi (Icelandic), kávé (Hungarian), kafe (Albanian), kawa (Polish), kahve (Turkish), kahawa (Swahili) – the word root remains the same no matter what origin a language seemes to have!

Coffee brings languages closer together. It brings people closer together.

Coffee and carrot cake in London, England. 

Actually, I even had my very first coffee (-ish drink, read: chocolate cappuccino, read: beginner’s drug) while traveling. Somewhere on the road in-between France and Spain, at a gas station during a family vacation… So for me, traveling and coffee have always been undeniably intertwined.

Of course, the pictures I collected so far are in no way “around the world”. Also, I do not take a picture of every coffee I drink – otherwise my memory cards would be full too quickly…

However, let me share a few of  my “coffee on the road pictures” as a little manifesto: I will extend this little obsessive collection of mine. I will travel more. I will take more pictures. Of course, I will definitely drink a lot of coffee.

A Galão at LX Factory, the coolest hangout for arty-bookwormy types in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Cappuccino and warm scones at lovely Royal Teas Café in Greenwich, England. 

Late night espresso in Tavira, Algarve, Portugal – this baby kept me dancing until four in the morning!

My coffee and I writing postcards at the awesome Czech Inn Hostel in Prague, Czech Republic. 

A real French breakfast in Paris, France. 

Coffee art in Baška, Croatia. 

Amazing breakfast and luxuriously fantastic coffee at St. Ali in London, England.

Authentic Portuguese breakfast: Galão and chocolate croissant in Porto, Portugal.

Enjoying warm fall sun and the beauty of Ljubljana, Slovenia, together with my coffee. 

My coffee riding front row on a bus in London, England.

Coffee with a view of the Atlantic Ocean in Estoril, Portugal.

Coffee and cake at the fancy coffee house Café Louvre in Prague, Czech Republic.

Having coffee on the rooftop terrace of the adorable AirBnB home – with a view of the Adriatic Sea in the background – in Baška, Croatia.

Coffee with a view of the gorgeous Meia Praia beach in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal. 

I promise – next time there will be more coffees!
More countries! More stories!