Life Snippets: The First Half of 2018

I had always been hesitant when it came to answering the question “Why do you write a travel blog?”, because the commonly used phrase in the blogosphere “I just want to inspire people to travel” never sounded like the right answer to me. Deep down I knew the reasons I originally started blogging were boredom, … Continue reading “Life Snippets: The First Half of 2018”

New Travel Adventures: Photographing a Destination Wedding in Croatia

It’s funny how I thought travel photography was my calling when I started this blog over six years ago. As it turned out though: I’m actually a terrible travel photographer. Because I really don’t like shooting landscapes. When you look at my blog content from the last years, it’s easy to notice how I constantly … Continue reading “New Travel Adventures: Photographing a Destination Wedding in Croatia”

Photo Essay: The Island of Krk

A few days ago I started skimming through the photos I took in Croatia last fall, and I realized that I really miss Croatia. The warm sunshine, the smell of pine woods, the soft clicking sound of the walnuts falling off trees at night, the delicious nutty pastries, and strong coffees. Last year was my … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Island of Krk”

Moonwalking in Croatia

Moonwalking?! Wait, what? Yes, moonwalking in Croatia. But it has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. Or the actual moon for that matter. The landscape on the island of Krk seems to be from outer space so someone smart came up with the idea to nickname the hiking trails of Krk “moonwalks”. At least this … Continue reading “Moonwalking in Croatia”

Too Old for a Family Vacation?

I’ve been writing a lot about my fall visit to Croatia, but as you might have realized – I’ve been weirdly vague when it came to personal pronouns. I didn’t have the guts to see it in written words yet… But to be finally honest: It was a vacation with my family. Yes, I am … Continue reading “Too Old for a Family Vacation?”

Photo Essay: Capturing Croatia

The ten days I spent in Croatia in the fall of 2012 feel like they are ages away… Every once in a while though – meaning every time I get too annoyed with cold feet and German winter – I go through my photos again, and dream myself back to pebble beaches, shimmering blue water, … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Capturing Croatia”

Croatia – Endless Shades of Blue!

It’s true what they say: The Adriatic Sea is so very blue it’s unreal! While visiting Croatia, I couldn’t get over how divine these blues were. Blue definitely is the color of Croatia: The water, the sky, the house doors – all blue, all in a different shade, all shimmering, all mesmerizing… See for yourself! My little collection of favorite … Continue reading “Croatia – Endless Shades of Blue!”

Around the World in 80 Coffees?!

When I was skimming through the pictures I took on my trips during the last year I realized that I developed a strange habit: I take pictures of my coffees. A lot. It may be an unconscious result of my addiction, but I consider coffee to be picture-worthy. And pretty. And very cultural. Are you aware … Continue reading “Around the World in 80 Coffees?!”

The Beautiful Island of Rab, Croatia – In Pictures

The great thing about staying on the islands in the Croatian Adriatic Sea is that it is pretty easy to do “island-hopping“. Although staying on one island most of the time, you can easily explore some of the other islands and the main land for attractions like Plitvice Lakes by boat. In the summer season the boat trips … Continue reading “The Beautiful Island of Rab, Croatia – In Pictures”

Photo Essay: A Magical Sunset in Croatia

Overdue, but not forgotten – I just barely had internet access during my stay in Paris. Actually, I don’t have much to say about this photo. I think it speaks for itself: The landscape on Croatia’s islands is stunning – and combined with the setting of the mild October sun the beauty of nature just … Continue reading “Photo Essay: A Magical Sunset in Croatia”