Published On: 2012/12/20

I don’t know how I discovered street art. Somehow it was suddenly there. Maybe I am just a lemming of a huge new hipster street art hype. But no matter how I came to like street art in the first place, I know I do. A lot. And Paris has plenty of street art.

un regard est si vite arrivé – a glance happens quickly by MissTic

During my first visit to Paris back in 2006, I was totally fascinated by the stencils of the French artist MissTic. Her art was omnipresent in Montmartre back then. So even without even knowing what a stencil was, I knew this kind of art was special and photo-worthy. Nowadays, MissTic’s stencils are still to be found in Montmartre, but she has moved her art onto the international galleries… and there is space for new discoveries!

Montmartre is still a great place for art to encounter you in every possible way, but nothing compares to Le Marais! Walking with your eyes open in the Marais, you will find art hidden EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t walk three steps in a row without taking a picture of something arty…

Here are my favorite street art shots from all over Paris!

regarde le ciel – gaze at the sky

Colorful murals in Montmarte

Cute stencil in Le Marais

La nuit tous le chats sont gris – At night, all cats are gray

Moustache. Beware!

Art behind literally every street corner in Le Marais!

La sagesse commence dans l’émerveillement – Wisdom begins with wonder

Colors and familar faces in Le Marais

Rue des Rosiers is a street art heaven!!

Mona Lisa meets Dagobert – Art is Money! (?)


Wall Hunter in Le Marais 

Space invaders are everywhere!

My favorite combination: A Gothic church and the mesmerizing mural by Jef Aérosol next to the Centre Pompidou

Which street art photo is your favorite? Do you have any interpretations to share? I would love to hear your opinions on my Parisian street art finds!