Life Snippets of 2019: The Before, the C-Word, the After

I was sitting outside the doctor’s office waiting for my husband who had an appointment upstairs. It was an unusually warm February day and I had taken off my winter coat to soak in the early spring sun. Steffen was supposed to get some test results back. He had been having strange pains for a … Continue reading “Life Snippets of 2019: The Before, the C-Word, the After”

Photo Essay: The Canals of Amsterdam

I have already revealed that I will be spending several days in the Netherlands this year — I’m so excited to be back in the land of Gouda, tulips and Rembrandt soon! Going through some of my old photos reminded me how incredibly adorable this country is… and made me look forward to exploring Holland … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Canals of Amsterdam”

Amsterdam – Sex, Drugs and Sightseeing

After finally having found a place to stay in Zandvoort  Steffen and I were excited to explore the (in)famous capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam has a crazy reputation. It’s all about drugs, sex and beer, but at the same time Amsterdam has (had) a huge influence in the art scene. The regular train connection from Zandvoort took us … Continue reading “Amsterdam – Sex, Drugs and Sightseeing”