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Photo Essay: The Façades of Ljubljana

Ljubljana was an amazingly pleasant surprise. I had heard about the city's beauty before, but when I got there it turned out that Ljubljana is way more than just beautiful. The Slovenian capital is surrounded by mountains and woods - although you are in a country's capital, you still feel like you are in a little mountain city. Ljubljana has everything a fancy big city has - beautiful stylish people, chic cafés, fashionable second-hand shops, and street art. But at the same time it also broadcasts this wonderful cozy atmosphere that makes you like it and feel at home there immediately. [...]

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A Coffee Break in Ljubljana

I think I first read something about Ljubljana, Slovenia, when I was 16 years old: An article in a magazine saying that though Ljubljana was small capital, it has a great artistic (nowadays you would maybe use the word "hipster"?) vibe and is incredibly beautiful... and I wanted to see it for myself ever since. On the way back from Croatia (which I will be talking about very soon!) we drove through Slovenia and I insisted on stopping in Ljubljana - even if only for a few hours... These are my impressions collected in two hours in lovely Ljubljana: Starting out from [...]

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