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The Art Historian’s Guide to Vienna on a Budget

My blog has a very strong niche and I've never been vague what it is about: Cultural travel. As you know, this means museums, churches, and all the geeky stuff mixed with the personal musings of an art historian who spends most of her time with her head stuck in the middle ages. If you ever read anything about white water rafting or bungee jumping on this blog it would mean that either a) the blog was hacked or b) my body was taken over by aliens. Seriously -- I'm the cultural travel girl, and I always will be. And I [...]

Photo Essay: Impressions from Vienna

Somehow, I'm having a hard time finding words to describe my time in Vienna. Yes, it was pretty. Yes, the architecture was amazing. Yes, the Stephansdom cathedral and the Kunsthistorisches Museum brought me to tears. But other than that -- Vienna and I didn't really click. First glimpse of Vienna There are cities you love at first sight: Lisbon was such a city for me. And Hamburg. And Dublin, Berlin, London, Prague and Budapest are cities that I'd travel or even move to in a heartbeat. It took me a while to understand what makes me love a city: A mixture [...]

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Vienna and Bratislava via Instagram

I've written quite a bit about how it felt to travel to Bratislava and Vienna by myself, but now it is finally the time to share some photos! Taking photos in the capitals of Austria and Slovakia really wasn't too though: They are both strikingly beautiful cities with clean streets and adorable cafés. I'm probably not doing either of them any justice by describing them together, but considering that they're the closest capitals in all of Europe, they sure have a lot in common: Pretty architecture, art deco coffee houses, picturesque squares. Granted, I've spent a few days in Vienna, and I've [...]

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My Honest Thoughts on Solo Travel

I'm not a solo traveler. I never claimed to be one, I never used the label "solo female traveler" or the hashtag #wegosolo. Yet there were a few occasions I traveled more or less by myself, and my latest getaway to Vienna and Bratislava was even a classical solo trip. But honestly, I'm conflicted about solo travel. I know, many travel bloggers rave about the experience of traveling solo. They all live by the phrase "alone is not lonely" or "solo travel is the best way to travel". But you know what? I'm not going to write a post like that [...]

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