Published On: 2013/01/07

I love books. I’m a huge bookworm. And despite all the apparent benefits of Kindles and other e-Readers, I will never ever prefer an e-book over an actual one. I love the smell of books. I love the sounds when running through the pages. I love how a hardcover, or the pages feel. And – I think books are THE best fitment. Nothing makes an apartment more comfortable than books… Of course, book stores and libraries are the places I feel at home right away.

One of the most amazing book stores I have been to so far, was Ler Devagar in Lisbon. It is located in a huge former factory area, which was turned into arty production environment. Now called LX Factory consists of concert halls, an organic supermarket, cafés, and studios. LX Factory is a highlight all by itself (especially the Sunday flea market!), but Ler Devagar is simply breathtaking – books as far as the eye can see! Pure heaven for bookworms and art lovers!