Published On: 2015/08/17

There was a time when I was really into writing Instagram photo blog posts, but I haven’t been doing a lot of them lately as I felt like my images were becoming too repetitive — even though I’m still old-fashioned and take photos with both my dSLR (for the blog) and my phone (for Instagram) at the same time. However, I didn’t want to be boring and share photos of the same place several times so I didn’t write any Instagram round-up posts for my last trips.

With my newest realization that I don’t bother bringing a wide-angle lens on most trips anymore though, my phone photos (now) differ more drastically from my camera photos. On my last two city getaways to Luxembourg City and London, I took all my dSLR photos with a 50mm prime lens. This lens is generally considered a great one for portraits and food photography, but most photographers wouldn’t recommended it as a go-to lens for travel. I’ve learned  that I don’t care about these photography rules though and rather look for the little things that make a destination special instead of shooting with a wide angle lens. And if I happen to really want to take a wider shot, I still have my phone for that! Thus, my Instagram photos actually look rather different from the ones I took with my camera.

Long story short: I really like how my phone photos from Paris turned out and I wanted to share an impression of Paris in photos I took on my phone and edited there in real-time. As I reduced my “proper” photography equipment to my 50mm lens only (also because it’s super light and I was traveling to Paris on a night bus (!) with a small backpack as my only luggage) my Instagram photos have a very different touch compared to my real camera ones I’ll share in an upcoming photo essay (after all, I still need to justify how August was supposed to be a slow month, but I ended up on a spontaneous city getaway, right?). And, I mean, is there a prettier place in the world to instagram than Paris?

La Seine, Paris. France
Beautiful Île de la Cité

Merci Used Book Café, Paris, France
Delicious lemonade at Merci Used Book Café

Marais, Paris, France
Into the Marais

Salon de Thé, Paris, France
Salon de Thé de la Grande Mosquée de Paris

Salon de Thé, Paris, France
Best mint tea in Paris!

Paris, France
The spectacular (free!) view from the Institut du Monde Arabe

Café gourmand, Paris, France
New favorite French coffee/dessert tradition: The café gourmand!

Montmartre, Paris, France
Rainy Sunday mornings in Montmartre

Breakfast in Montmartre, Paris, France
Amazing breakfast at KB CaféShop in Montmartre

Montmartre, Paris, France
Montmartre is so beautifully quiet in the mornings!

Palais Royal, Paris, France
Palais Royal might just be my favorite park in Paris now!

Sunset in Paris, France
On Paris’ highest rooftop at exactly the right time!

Rue Crémieux, Paris, France
Rue Crémieux so deserves its Instagram hype!

Rue Crémieux, Paris, France
The cutest facade including trompe-l’œil wisteria and a real cat!

Rue Crémieux, Paris, France
Isn’t this street so adorable?

La Seine, Paris, France
That perfect view along the Seine!

Flat white in Paris, France
La Caféothèque has the prettiest tables!

Sunset in Paris, France
Farewell sunset over Parisian rooftops

Which Instagram from Paris in August is your favorite?


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