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Capture the Color: My 2013 Travel Photos

I don't need a reason to go through my travel photos every once in a while: I love images, and I always love a little trip down memory lane. So when Alex, my favorite Texan expat in Germany, tagged me to be a part in this year's Capture the Color Photo Contest, I was excited to go through my photos once more. In this contest, participants choose one photo for each primary color. I however, chose a few more photos to mirror my favorite destinations of 2013 thus  far (although I violate the contest's rules) -- each destination, depicted in [...]

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Photo Essay: The Colors of Colmar

When spending a few days in the Alsace one might quickly get the feeling that it looks pretty much the same in every town -- cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, cute little bakeries with kouglof (or in German Gugelhupf) in their window displays. And all this is definitely true for the little town of Colmar, but it still puts something on top of all this Alsatian cuteness: Colors! Or better: The most intense colors you could think of! Although Colmar is a city with not so much going on (except if you're into medieval art -- Musée Unterlinden is a must!), [...]

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Photo Essay: Stunning Strasbourg

Yet another alliteration, but this time it really makes sense -- the biggest city in the French Alsace region is truly nothing but stunning: The medieval center of Strasbourg is circled by canals and the majestic cathedral towers over the half-timbered houses with their colorful shutters. Little deserves the term picturesque more than Strasbourg. One of the many cafés next to the cathedral  "Unicorn" beer -- What other beer could you drink in a fairy tale city? Strasbourg may be close to Germany, but it still feels SO French! The cathedral is surrounded by souvenir shops and restaurants as this [...]

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Photo Essay: Inside the Cathedral of Strasbourg

No matter how much I like the view of gorgeous 19th century town houses or ancient Roman ruins, my favorite buildings of all times will always be the grand Gothic churches. No other buildings make you feel that small and insignificant, but at same time encase you with such an atmosphere of spirituality and serenity. Every time I enter a Gothic cathedral it gives me goosebumps. I feel overwhelmed and weakened, my mind is racing as I pass through 800-year-old gates. Although I theoretically know how cathedrals were built, I just can't fully grasp how they could build this high, this [...]

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A Weekend in Alsace via Instagram

I admit it: I'm a newly converted Instagram-addict (and, ugh, fancy phone owner). Although I tried really hard not to give in to yet another hyped social media platform for the longest time, I've come to realize that taking travel photos with Instagram is actually a lot of fun. And I just love the idea of having two cameras with me, which can both capture whole different angles of a destination. My fabulous travel buddy Ashley and me in the pretty town of Colmar  Ashley's and my recent trip to France's Alsace region was a great option to try a [...]

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Photo Essay: Alsace in Bloom

I just got back from an amazing weekend in Alsace and can't wait to share all the beauty I encountered in this stunning French region. Alsace is a province that differentiates itself from the rest of France through food, architecture, and language. Since the region's history is so closely intertwined with Germany, Alsace feels totally German to the French, but at the same time so very French to the Germans. The truth lies somewhere in between: The people of Alsace speak French, but the older generations also know a dialect that is incredibly close to German. The architecture combines the [...]

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