Published On: 2013/08/19

A few days ago I started skimming through the photos I took in Croatia last fall, and I realized that I really miss Croatia. The warm sunshine, the smell of pine woods, the soft clicking sound of the walnuts falling off trees at night, the delicious nutty pastries, and strong coffees.

Island of Krk, Croatia

Last year was my first time in Croatia and I must admit that I was skeptical at first. There was such much fuss about Croatia throughout the last years, that I really don’t know anyone who hasn’t loved Croatia. For me, it was almost hyped a little too much. But as soon as I arrived I knew they were right: Croatia’s landscape is beyond gorgeous, its old cities are adorable, and the beaches are surreal. Naturally, I fell in love with Croatia, and took many thousands of photos — and felt the strong urge to share them today.

Island of Krk, Croatia

In today’s photo essay I want to introduce the island of Krk — that island with the unpronounceable name. Krk is one of the biggest of Croatia’s 1246 (!!) islands in the Adriatic Sea. I loved staying on the island of Krk, because the island itself was great for beaches, cute towns as well as extensive hiking. By boat we could easily visit the beautiful island of Rab, by car we drove all the way to Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Baška, Island of Krk, Croatia Pretty Baška 

Baška, Island of Krk, Croatia

Our little home away from home was in Baška, a gorgeous little town with a perfect pebble beach weather protected by the mountains so we could still go swimming in October. Baška was the ideal location to explore other little towns on the island of Krk.

Baška, Island of Krk, Croatia The bay of Baška from above

Baška, Island of Krk, Croatia Baška’s landmark church tower 

Baška, Island of Krk, Croatia Baška’s beautiful beach 

Vrbnik, Island of Krk, Croatia A little church in Vrbnik

Vrbnik, Island of Krk, Croatia Tanned feet in the tiny town of Vrbnik (yet another name I fail to pronounce)

Krk’s namesake administrative capital is also everything you’d dream a Croatian city looks like — complete with pretty cobbled streets and bright houses. I loved strolling along Krk’s harbor at night, watching reflections of boats, and sipping coffee after 10 pm.

Krk, Island of Krk, Croatia The harbor of Krk at night

But my absolute highlight were the mornings in Baška — when I opened up the curtains, took in a deep breath of the salty sea air, and saw this:

Baška, Island of Krk, Croatia Oh how much I miss Croatia!

Have you visited any of the Croatian islands?