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Photo Essay: Impressions from Luxembourg City

To be honest, I had no real reason to go to Luxembourg. Usually, I book trips to places with famous museums or libraries or medieval churches I want to visit in mind, but none of those things called me to Luxembourg City. Back in February, I had been a little frustrated with winter and just randomly booked a soothing trip to anywhere for my boyfriend Steffen and me. We actually hadn't left the country together ever since our trip to Belgium back in 2013, and although our domestic weekend trips to Berlin and Hamburg were super fun last summer, it was [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of April 2015

April was a rollercoaster ride kind of month: From weather to emotional states, there was just plenty going on this month for me. There were many ups and some downs, but mainly: There was spring! The month had actually started off with a giant April fools' brought to Germany by the weather in Central Europe: Snow! And not just a little sleet, but the actual white stuff that sticks. Only two days later though, I landed in the Middle East for a glorious week of Mediterranean spring sunshine and desert heat by the Red Sea. When I returned, Germany was still grey and gloomy, [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of March 2015

March somehow went by so quickly that I can barely believe it's been four weeks since wrote my February round-up. But busy months always pass quickly, and March definitely was a busy month: From work obligations, to networking at the world's biggest travel trade fair, to photo shoots, to a trip to Italy with my mom, most of March felt like I was running around with barely enough time to catch my breath. March evening skies over Germany Travel I spent so much of my time in transit this month, traveling back an forth in-between German states for family birthdays, social events, [...]

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Photo Essay: Impressions from Florence

This photo essay doesn't really need an introduction: I was in Florence last week, and yes, it was a dream. It was my first time there and was so thrilled to finally see all the famous art and architecture in person. The weather was perfectly springtime-y, I had gelato every day, I took way too many photo of pretty lanterns, and I visited all the churches, museums, and cloisters. This trip was exactly was I needed after a long German winter: Feeling the surprisingly strong spring sunshine on my skin, drinking late-night espressi, and reanimating my love for art which I [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of February 2015

Back in 2012 when I started this blog, I began researching what kind of blog series I should have. Because apparently, a blog needs a weekly series, right? At least I seemed like that to me. Basically every blog I've been following has, or has at least used to have, a weekly (photo) series. For many of us bloggers, this was how we got used to editorial calendars and the pressure of having a certain kind of blog post published on a certain day of the week. From Sunset Sundays, to Travel Tuesdays, to the (indestructible) Photo Friday, there's basically no [...]

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Photo Essay: Winter Sightseeing in Lower Saxony

I feel like I start every other blog post I write during the months of November to February with complaining about the weather. I know, you are probably bored with it. But, you know, winters in Central Europe can be really tough sometimes. Before Christmas it is still somewhat easy to accept that colors, light, and warmth are gone for the next months, because at least you have the holidays to look forward to. January and February though are the months of waiting: For a hint of a blue sky, a ray of morning light on the bed sheets, for a day that you [...]

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Photo Essay: Rome in Black and White

Back when I still wanted to write a dozen or more review posts to end 2014, a "Best 14 photos of 2014" was definitely something on my agenda. I know I've been saying this ever since I first started stealing the boyfriend's dSLR back in late 2012, but the last year was an important year for my photography. I've come a long way since not knowing that a body and a lens are actually the two separate pieces that make a camera two years ago. Street-side books in Testaccio In 2013, I bought my first prime lens, which taught me so much about [...]

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Photo Essay: Christmas Time in Bremen

I'm not sure if it's common knowledge that Germany has 16 federal states, but I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about oh-so-famous Bavaria. And don't get me wrong, I love Bavaria -- but Germany is NOT Bavaria. In the contrary to what the world sometimes seems to believe, beer steins and Lederhosen and even pretzels are not German. There are 15 other states that are totally different from Bavaria and still, they absolutely worth visiting -- even if your beer might come in strange tiny glasses (looking at you, Cologne!). All German states are unique in form of dialects, regional dishes, [...]

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Photo Essay: Impressions from Bratislava

On one Sunday evening during the chaotic months of early summer, I just booked a cheap flight to Vienna. I wasn't even sure I was actually going, but I needed something to look forward to during the stressful weeks that lay ahead of me then. Up until a week before my flight I wasn't really sure that I'd actually be on that plane. Work had been crazy, money had been tight. But then one morning while brushing my teeth I remembered something I once learned in a random quiz: Which are the two closest capitals in Europe? Vienna and Bratislava. [...]

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Photo Essay: Impressions from Vienna

Somehow, I'm having a hard time finding words to describe my time in Vienna. Yes, it was pretty. Yes, the architecture was amazing. Yes, the Stephansdom cathedral and the Kunsthistorisches Museum brought me to tears. But other than that -- Vienna and I didn't really click. First glimpse of Vienna There are cities you love at first sight: Lisbon was such a city for me. And Hamburg. And Dublin, Berlin, London, Prague and Budapest are cities that I'd travel or even move to in a heartbeat. It took me a while to understand what makes me love a city: A mixture [...]

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