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Photo Essay: Art Lover’s Rome

A while back, I compiled a massive photo essay from my spring getaway to Rome, which did surprisingly well. Lesson learned: People love photos from Italy -- especially when these photos include a ridiculous amount of food and gelato images. I sure love those classic Italy impressions as well: When I go to a city like Rome I enjoy those little winding cobbled lanes, gelato and pasta, and every little bit of Italian cuteness, but to be honest: That's not what I travel to Rome for: I come for art, history and architecture. Because no matter if you want to [...]

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Photo Essay: Looking Down in Ireland

Despite how much I loved my time in Ireland last fall, I've written only rather little about my experiences yet. So the other day, I was going through my photos from the greater Dublin area and a few days in rural Tipperary and noticed that I apparently took quite a lot of photos with a recurrent motif: My feet. Taking a break in the sunny courtyards of Trinity College, Dublin When traveling by yourself, it is kind of tricky to get photo proof that you actually were somewhere, meaning photo proof with your face combined with something recognizable of the [...]

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Photo Essay: Spring Days in Madrid

I love spring in Europe. And I love traveling in Europe in springtime, because of fewer crowds and the possibility of amazing weather. But it's always a bit of a poker game -- you never know what you'll get until are really there: Last year, I saw beautiful Strasbourg on an almost summer-like April day, just to be massively rained on the next day. Back in May last year, I never needed a jacket in Switzerland, but was shivering in the rain in Holland for nine days straight. There's honestly no way to speak of weather consistency during this time [...]

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Photo Essay: Impressions from Rome

I just go back from a few days in Rome -- and I have a lot to write about. I learned so much on this trip: What a really good travel partner should be like, that pickpockets don't care about birthdays, that tourist crowds and annoying salesmen make me aggressive, and that I actually had no clue what good Italian food really tasted like. But before I start writing about all my ups and downs in Rome, and before I start swooning, raving, and ranting, I will share my favorite photos -- because pictures say more than thousand words. And [...]

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Photo Essay: Pretty Frozen Germany

It's of kind strange that I write so many posts based on weather, but somehow, weather is a big mood catalyzer for me: Spring provides me with so much new energy, summer is just my favorite season of the year, fall makes me nostalgic but also appreciative of the beauty of changes, and winter -- well, winter is always tough. Of course, I find winter beautiful from time to time. At least on those rare days with white powdery snow and blue skies. But most of the time, winter in Central Europe is just gray in gray with more gray. [...]

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Photo Essay: Christmas in Germany

Above everything else, 2013 was the year in which I really got into photography. I still have to learn SO much about it, but I love images more than ever. I feel more comfortable about letting photos tell the story and what I want to say -- and maybe, the words don't even come to me as easily as the ability to spot an aesthetic combination of composition, light, and shapes. In 2013, I really enjoyed doing seasonal photo summaries of my life in Germany. In many ways these photo essays were just random everyday observations, but I cherished how [...]

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Photo Essay: Fall in Germany

About two months ago, I wrote a photo essay on the transition season that was about to start. Back then, the leaves hadn't really turned yet, and change was only a faint scent in the far distance. The subtle presentiment of change filled me with fear and excitement at the same time. Today, I look out of the window and the transition season has passed. The trees have no leaves anymore, the days grow shorter and chillier, and the layers of cloths become thicker every day. The season of changes is almost over, but I'm not ready to let go. [...]

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Photo Essay: Malahide – An Irish Castle Dream

I'm not a person who is easily impressed when it comes to castles. I mean, I love castles. How could I not? But my home country has approximately 25,000 of them, so it takes something special to catch my eye. But then Ireland happened. Ireland's castles are defensive, eerie, and mysterious. They don't look like something straight out of a fairy tale. They seem darker, because they have fewer windows and there a often ruinous remains of churches and cemeteries nearby. Malahide Castle about 30 minutes north of Dublin is no exception: It's everything you'd want an Irish castle to [...]

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Photo Essay: Dublin in the Rain

You know I don't mind a little rain while traveling in Europe: There's rarely anything you can do against it except enjoying for the melancholic beauty it creates. I knew I would have to cope with quite a lot of rain when I booked my trip to Ireland -- it has to be called The Emerald Isle for a reason, right? I packed my usual "rain uniform", but actually, it wasn't all that bad in the end. There were even a few times where I could actually wear my sunglasses. However, rain was always present somehow: People carrying umbrellas, houses reflecting [...]

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Photo Essay: Midnight in Paris

First of all, sorry for the cheesy title. As I literature and art geek I obviously loved Woody Allen's movie and I honestly wish I could time-travel to Paris of the fabulous 1920ies. But the movie aside, these photos were literally taken at midnight in Paris. My whole day in Paris was already perfect: I strolled along Canal Saint-Martin at noon and spent the afternoon in the shade underneath the Eiffel Tower picnicking with friends for no less than five hours. After watching the sunset at Champs de Mars, my friend Edna and I strolled along the lively streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, [...]

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