Published On: 2015/03/25

This photo essay doesn’t really need an introduction: I was in Florence last week, and yes, it was a dream. It was my first time there and was so thrilled to finally see all the famous art and architecture in person. The weather was perfectly springtime-y, I had gelato every day, I took way too many photo of pretty lanterns, and I visited all the churches, museums, and cloisters.

This trip was exactly was I needed after a long German winter: Feeling the surprisingly strong spring sunshine on my skin, drinking late-night espressi, and reanimating my love for art which I sadly sometimes forget in my day to day life.

Julika in Florence, Italy

I’ll write more about my time in Florence soon, but first I’ll share my best photos! I know, I swore to take less photos this year, but honestly, there were so many pretty (and delicious!) things about Florence and I just had to take a few hundred, okay, 900 photos during my time there — and these photos are the ones I like best:

The view from Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, Italy Florence being picture-perfect at dusk

Florence, Italy
Fruit shops in narrow streets 

Florence, ItalyShadow plays of the mysterious Vasari corridor 

Boboli Gardens in Florence, ItalySpringtime in the Boboli Gardens

The Bardini Gardens offer the most pretty view over Florence, ItalyView from the Bardini Gardens 

Florence, Italy
Golden Hour by the Duomo 

Florence, Italy
Find the Duomo I: Bardini Gardens Edition

Pasta in Florence, Italy
Mushroom-stuffed ravioli with truffle sauce — so good! 

Florence, Italy
Golden Hour street scenes 

Coffee in Florence, ItalyOne crazy expensive espresso, but with a view of Piazza della Signoria 

Florence, Italy
Find the Duomo II: Narrow Street Edition

Laundry day in Florence, Italy
Other people’s laundry is always way prettier than mine 

Julika in Florence, Italy
An art historian with a view

Florence, Italy
Evening light by the Arno River 

The prettiest presentation of a caprese salad in Florence, ItalyItalian buffalo mozzarella is all I need to be happy 

Florence, Italy
Lamp love, shadow love 

Michelangelo's David in Florence, ItalyMeeting the most handsome man in town on my Walks of Italy tour

Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy
Santa Maria Novella from the inside (and Masaccio’s famous Trinity on the left!)

Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy
Boboli Gardens and Palazzo Pitti in the back 

Coffee in Florence, Italy
Cappuccino and a ricotta-filled flaky dough pastry (sadly I don’t know the name of it, but it was good!)

Julika's casual sightseeing look in Florence, Italy, in March: Black mini skirt and tights combined with a chambray shirt and a down vest and sneakers.
Morning light in the cloisters of San Lorenzo 

Florence, Italy
Arno reflections 

Titian in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, ItalyTitian’s beautiful Venus seen on my amazing Uffizi tour 

The dome of the Duomo can be seen peeking through in so many of the little old streets in Florence!Find the Duomo III: Pretty Lamp Edition 

Leather market in Florence, Italy
The leather market (aka heaven for souvenir addicts) 

Light lunch in Florence, Italy
Light lunches are better with buffalo mozzarella 

Florence, Italy
The most famous bridge 

Gelato in Florence, Italy
Gelato looks just extra pretty in narrow little streets, don’t you think?

Florence, Italy
The joy of finding such an Italian scene among all the tourists 

A classical "Ristorante" sign in Florence, ItalyShutters and signs and shadows

Florence, Italy
Find the Duomo IV: I-need-that-little-balcony-Edition

Florence, Italy
Literally surrounded by art

Breakfast in Florence, Italy
“Cappuccino” and “cornetto” are my favorite words in Italian

Florence, ItalyBike and street art and yellow houses

Florence, Italy
Forever obsessing about those lamps 

Gelato in Florence, ItalyI prefer my nail polish matching my gelato

Florence, Italy
Find the Duomo V: Advanced Edition 

Florence, Italy
Under the Tuscan sunset

Cappuccino in Florence, Italy
Coffee on the counter, as you do

Florence, Italy
From Piazzale Michelangelo 

Have you been to Florence?
Which photo do you think depicts the city best?