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Of Past Years and First Times

I always get a little nostalgic when the new year is about to begin. I sort of like clinging to the old year and remember what happened. At the same time, I like to imagine what the next year will be like -- always hoping that it will be (even) better than the last one. A few years back, a friend and I started to write something we called "The First Time List" during the holidays. We wanted to end the year remembering all the things we had done for the very first time that year. We would put big [...]

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On Being Underwhelmed

I vividly remember when it happened to me for the first time. I was 19 years old on art major class field trip to Rome. We had spent the entire year before learning about Renaissance and Baroque architecture and the history of the Eternal City. Dates and countless names of places, popes, and artists had to be learned by heart to prepare those seven September days studying real art in Rome. When we finally arrived, we had to practice our architecture sketching skills in front of ancient ruins and give presentations in front of famous fountains, half-screaming to be louder than [...]

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Two Years Later: The Journey Continues

I've come up with a lot of stupid ideas in my life. Like that time I thought driving a motorcycle at a car show with fake nails was a good idea. (It was my last time on a motorcycle and the one and only time I ever had fake fingernails.) Or like that time I wanted to become a chemist. Or that time I wanted to become a sniper. Or that time my biggest life goal was to become the second Celine Dion. Or that time I started to write a novel about a girl who owned a horse. And [...]

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My Honest Thoughts on Solo Travel

I'm not a solo traveler. I never claimed to be one, I never used the label "solo female traveler" or the hashtag #wegosolo. Yet there were a few occasions I traveled more or less by myself, and my latest getaway to Vienna and Bratislava was even a classical solo trip. But honestly, I'm conflicted about solo travel. I know, many travel bloggers rave about the experience of traveling solo. They all live by the phrase "alone is not lonely" or "solo travel is the best way to travel". But you know what? I'm not going to write a post like that [...]

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The European Capital Curse

For some travelers it's the one of the worst travel sins, but I'm absolutely guilty of it: Visiting (European) capital cities. Prague, Czech Republic Budapest, Hungary How often have I had a conversation with someone from England that went something like this: "So, have you been to England at all?" -- "Yes!" -- "Oh great! Whereabouts exactly?" -- "Only London, to be honest." -- "But you do know that London is not England, right?!" London, UK Okay, so besides my linguistic inability mimic a real Brit, these people are right. Of course I have no right to say I've been [...]

27 Things I have not learned in 27 Years

It was my 27th birthday this week and after my last post on turning older was filled with self-doubt, question marks, and worries about the future, I thought it was time for a little comic relief. Because no, I'm still not a proper grown up yet. Here are 27 things I still have not learned in 27 years: 1. How to not spill food while eating. Just look at my vast scarf collecting and you'll find a detailed summary of what I ate this week. A work friend even just gave me a baby bib for my birthday, because I [...]

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On Wasting The Twenties

Maybe I'm a bit too dramatic about numbers, but I'm turning 27 in a week and I somehow I'm afraid of turning older yet again. It's not that I'm afraid of growing older in general, or getting wrinkles, but of the thought that I will soon be categorized as a 'girl in her late-twenties'. However, it's not the term "late-twenties" alone that makes me anxious, but comparing myself with others my age and younger: There are so many people out there who know what they want in their late-twenties, who have achieved things I don't even dare to dream of. Of [...]

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Life, Travel, and Finding Balance

Admittedly, my travel life has been quite dull lately. I'm truly not happy with that. Plus, it's really not helpful when writing a blog in the travel niche either. We all know that I can't keep up with the long term travelers anyway, but I still feel like I need to justify why I haven't been anywhere exciting ever since last fall. But you know, somehow, life got in the way of travel these past months. I know, I know, there are hundreds of lists and articles out there in the blogoshere naming all the lame excuses for people not [...]

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New Year, New Unpredictability

It's both beautiful and terrifying, the idea of a blank page. All empty and untouched, meaning anything could happen. A full range of possibilities. And yet, endless possibilities also leave room for fear, doubt, and that stupefying feeling of being simply overwhelmed with everything that could be done. Where to start? The first sentence is always the hardest one, and the sight of a blank page is not always easy. But as soon as you're over the obstacle of that first blank page, those other 364 pages will fill up steadily. I love the thought of a blank page, a [...]

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A New Beginning

A while ago, I read an article on some kind of semi-dubious internet site introducing a study on the latest posts of all WordPress blogs out there (at least, that's what I remember the article being about). Interestingly enough, two thirds of all the blogs out there had their latest post starting with "Sorry I haven't posted in a while". I immediately swore to myself that I would never start I post like that. If only to not appear in this kind of statistics. But well, sometimes, life simply gets in the way of writing and creativity -- and I [...]

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