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Middle East

80 Photos to Make You Want to Travel to Jordan

When it comes to blogging, I commit pretty much every "blogging crime" they warn you about in Travel Blogging 101: My blog posts are too long, too inconsistent, too diversified when it comes to travel style: I've experimented with solo travel as well as family travel; I've written about the looks you receive when filling up a water bottle in a public bathroom in Paris because you're on a tight budget as well as splurging on way too many expensive coffee treats abroad. Many things I do on this blog (and in life in general) are highly contradictory. Though, I'm convinced [...]

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Coffee Stories from Jordan

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with coffee. I'm addicted to a level where I need five cups of coffee in the morning to be able to leave the house. Whether at home or on the road, coffee is my daily fuel, it's my favorite thing to photograph -- and I also strongly believe a country's coffee culture can teach you so much about it. Hence, I was beyond excited to explore the coffees of Jordan. (Just to tell you how excited I was: On the plane, I ended up sitting next to a super nice guy who was on his way to visit [...]

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10 Things that Surprised Me about Jordan

Looking back, I had no idea what Jordan was going to be like before I boarded my flight. I had tried to google some of the places on our #GirlsGoneJordan itinerary, but in the end I traveled to the Middle East with little expectations, ready to be surprised. And Jordan most certainly surprised me -- especially when it comes to the ten points below. Just beware, the following list is a personal one -- don't expect verified facts only in here, but more personal tales of tea and toilets (not kidding): 1. Jordan Has Several Different Climate Zones Obviously, when I [...]

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First Impressions of Jordan via Instagram

Jordan was a lot of firsts for me: My first time in the Middle East, my first time in a country with a Muslim majority, the first time I left Europe in a decade, and the first time I saw a desert. I was excited for all these firsts, but I was also a little worried, because I hadn't left my little European comfort zone in so long. Within the first 24 hours of being in Jordan though, I understood that my worries were completely unjustified: The warm climate was perfect for my migraine issues, the sanitary institutions were cleaner than in most Western [...]

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I’m going to Jordan!

This is the biggest news I've had in a long time, maybe even the biggest news I ever had ever since starting this blog: I'm off to Jordan tomorrow! I'm going to the Middle East! I know! I can't even believe it myself! I'll be visiting Jordan as a guest of the Jordan Tourism Board and will get to see all the places I could only dream of until now! For the first time in forever I actually needed to get myself a passport! It's the first time in ten years that I'm actually leaving the European continent to explore [...]

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