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Gloomy Tales from Boyne Valley

Even before I opened my eyes, I knew it was going to be a gloomy day. The morning light falling through the old, porous curtains was barely recognizable. It was October in Ireland and it had been sunny the days before, but it seemed like the clouds were taking over after all. As I walked through Dublin on this grey morning, carefully trying not to step in any puddles, I could not shake off the feeling that it was a sign that the sun did not show that day. I had slept little the days before and when I boarded [...]

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Photo Essay: Looking Down in Ireland

Despite how much I loved my time in Ireland last fall, I've written only rather little about my experiences yet. So the other day, I was going through my photos from the greater Dublin area and a few days in rural Tipperary and noticed that I apparently took quite a lot of photos with a recurrent motif: My feet. Taking a break in the sunny courtyards of Trinity College, Dublin When traveling by yourself, it is kind of tricky to get photo proof that you actually were somewhere, meaning photo proof with your face combined with something recognizable of the [...]

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Seven Free Geeky Things to Do in Dublin

Ireland has always been one of the many places on the (endless!) list of countries I needed to see someday. I wanted to go for the countryside and landscapes, for the green endless lawns, and steep impressive cliffs. But besides seeing a glimpse of Ireland's amazing landscape, I found an abundance of cultural highlights! I don't mean to do Dublin any injustice, but what I heard about the city before going centered a lot around whiskey and Guinness. Honestly, I had people telling me that there is not too much you can do in Dublin. They couldn't have been more [...]

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My 2013 Highlights via Instagram

I've done a lot of review posts this year and you might hate me for it already. Fair enough. But I love reading reviews and I also love writing them. The idea of the year ending makes me nostalgic. I like reminiscing. And honestly, I'm one of those 21st century people with the attention span of a Buzzfeed list -- I mean, what offers more entertainment than a list of photos with witty headlines? Especially during the holidays when there's not much time to spend hours reading online in-between all the family dinners? I'm won't go all "27 Inappropriate Outfits [...]

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Around the World in Coffees: The 2013 Edition

About one year ago, I collected all my coffee photos from my previous years of travel and combined them in a photo essay called "Around the World in 80 Coffees". This post didn't cover the whole world, nor 80 coffees, but it presented a view of the world through the eyes someone who loves coffee and travel equally. From fantastic Portuguese galois on the beach to spectacularly good espressos in hip London coffee shops like Prufrock, 2012 was a great year in "caffeine travel" for me. So I ended my 2012 coffee post with the resolution to travel more and [...]

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On Life and Blogging Lessons – My BlogHouse Ireland Experience

I didn't know this when I started Sateless Suitcase, but the world of travel blogging is a world of many rules. There's an uncountable amount of social media dos and don'ts as well as writing rules. One crucial writing rule is "Don't use those cliché expressions like 'amazing' or 'hidden gem'". Obviously, I break that rule all the time. Because in my opinion, the world is full of amazing hidden gems. And, I'm about to break another one of those rules: "Don't write about travel blogging on your travel blog". I will do that now, although I'm aware that it [...]

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Photo Essay: Malahide – An Irish Castle Dream

I'm not a person who is easily impressed when it comes to castles. I mean, I love castles. How could I not? But my home country has approximately 25,000 of them, so it takes something special to catch my eye. But then Ireland happened. Ireland's castles are defensive, eerie, and mysterious. They don't look like something straight out of a fairy tale. They seem darker, because they have fewer windows and there a often ruinous remains of churches and cemeteries nearby. Malahide Castle about 30 minutes north of Dublin is no exception: It's everything you'd want an Irish castle to [...]

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Photo Essay: Dublin in the Rain

You know I don't mind a little rain while traveling in Europe: There's rarely anything you can do against it except enjoying for the melancholic beauty it creates. I knew I would have to cope with quite a lot of rain when I booked my trip to Ireland -- it has to be called The Emerald Isle for a reason, right? I packed my usual "rain uniform", but actually, it wasn't all that bad in the end. There were even a few times where I could actually wear my sunglasses. However, rain was always present somehow: People carrying umbrellas, houses reflecting [...]

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Ireland via Instagram

Ireland. Just wow. Sorry for the lack of descriptive adjectives (I really should know better by now), but I was most definitely just wowed by this country -- in the best possible way! I got back from Ireland less than 48 hours ago and already dream of going back. I pretty much expected to find mostly sheep, green meadows, and drizzle in Ireland, but what I actually got was amazing people, gorgeous landscapes, and impressive architecture. It will take weeks (and several posts and photo essays) to recap my wonderful time in Ireland, but for now I just want to [...]

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