Photo Essay: Impressions from Rome

I just go back from a few days in Rome — and I have a lot to write about. I learned so much on this trip: What a really good travel partner should be like, that pickpockets don’t care about birthdays, that tourist crowds and annoying salesmen make me aggressive, and that I actually had no clue what good Italian food really tasted like. But before I start writing about all my ups and downs in Rome, and before I start swooning, raving, and ranting, I will share my favorite photos — because pictures say more than thousand words. And I actually took more than thousand photos in Rome (taking way too many photos is one of the photography flaws I just can’t get rid of).

So, for now I give you beautiful light, delicious gelatos, Vespas, cobblestone streets, and stunning views — to say it in a Woody Allen movie title way — from Rome with Love!

Rome, Italy Rome’s beautiful light 

Espresso in Rome, Italy Italian espresso!

Rome, Italy Long shadows near the Foro Romano 

Via Alessandrina, Rome, Italy Via Alessandrina at Golden Hour

Rome, Italy Crowds and light

Rome, Italy This light!

Making pizza in Rome Making my own (!!) pizza with Walks of Italy 

Roma, Italy Famous(ly dangerous) street crossings and oh, the light!

Gelato in Rome, Italy Gelato at dusk 

Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy Spanish Steps in the morning 

Artists in Rome, Italy Artists everywhere

Pincio, Rome, Italy Vatican views at Pincio

Pasta in Rome Pasta pomodoro 

Artist in Rome, Italy Reading artist 

Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy Piazza Navona 

Gelato in Rome Gelato, always. 

Rome seen from the Palatin Hill View from the Palatin Hill

Pasta in Rome Pacceri with sea bass and cherry tomatoes

Rome seen from the Aventin Hill View from the Aventin Hill

Tiramisu in Rome Tiramisu 

Views of Rome, Italy Natural frames

Vespas in Rome, Italy Obligatory Vespas

Supplí in Rome New snack addiction: Supplì (basically, fried risotto)

Fiat 500 in Rome, Italy Rome’s one and only car 

Spring in Rome, Italy Spring in Rome!

Lunch in Rome Roman lunch break

Fiat 500 in Rome, Italy Red Fiat 500

Gelatos in fron of the Pantheon, Rome Gelato in front of the Pantheon at night

Dusk in Rome, Italy Via Condotti at dusk

Sunset in Rome, Italy Stunning sunset

Vatican at dusk, Rome, Italy Vatican at dusk

Which is your favorite image from Rome?
(Also, were there too many food photos in this post?)