Published On: 2013/05/01

I admit it: I’m a newly converted Instagram-addict (and, ugh, fancy phone owner). Although I tried really hard not to give in to yet another hyped social media platform for the longest time, I’ve come to realize that taking travel photos with Instagram is actually a lot of fun. And I just love the idea of having two cameras with me, which can both capture whole different angles of a destination.

My fabulous travel buddy Ashley and me in the pretty town of Colmar 

Ashley‘s and my recent trip to France’s Alsace region was a great option to try a little “simultaneous photography” by using two different cameras at the same time — and I actually really like how my Instagram photos present an entirely different atmosphere compared to the pictures I took with my dSLR (well, my borrowed dSLR — I’m only a poor art history student after all). After the picturesque photo focus on signs of spring in Alsace earlier this week, I’ll now present a little sneak peek introduction via the photos I took with my phone.

Despite the beautiful architecture and all: I simply cannot spend a weekend in France without photographing and indulging in a proper pain au chocolat!

Turns out, Alsace is incredibly photogenic no matter what camera you use: The little houses which combine French and German features and are painted in every color of the rainbow, the canals with calm water beautifully show the reflections of the surrounding architecture, the tiny streets full of cafés… Introducing: The highlights of a weekend in Alsace via Instagram!

The canals and parks of beautiful Strasbourg

The colorful houses and “La petite Venise” in the
adorable picture-perfect town of Colmar

The interior of the stunning Gothic cathedral of Strasbourg

And lastly: A little (art-nerd) gem, spotted at Colmar’s train station —
A new interpretation of Magritte’s famous pipe!

Do you use Instagram to take photos on your travels?
Do you think it’s fun, artsy, or plain overrated?

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