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Around the World in Coffees: The 2015 Edition

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And by that I mean: I get to look back on the last year through the coffees I drank! Ever since I wrote my first blog post about traveling and coffee, my yearly coffee round-up has become an article I look forward to writing the entire year. I love how a collage of my coffees always tells stories from my kitchen table in Göttingen to far-off places all over the world. The changing of scenery, light, cups, tables, or sweet treats on the side are always part of my favorite memories, because with [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of November 2015

One Friday in November, I came home from work late. I was crashed and frustrated, because I too often feel like it's impossible to keep up with all the smart and insanely ambitious people around me. I sat on the kitchen table for an hour that Friday, still wearing my winter coat, questioning everything I had done in my life so far. I got myself together after a while, and decided to distract myself with some stupid TV shows when a news app let my phone buzz: There were reports of several shootings in Paris. There was so much uncertainty at first, but with [...]

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5 Things I Loved about Stuttgart

Stuttgart is not the kind of city that would appear on a Europe-in-20-days itinerary. It's not exactly the prettiest city and it's not really famous beyond the borders of Germany. But still, it might come up on the advanced traveler's radar for two reasons: It has two airports that might be cheaper to fly into if you want to go to Munich or Frankfurt, because both cities can easily be reached from Stuttgart by train. And speaking of Munich: Everyone and their mother wants to attend Oktoberfest in Munich, but many Bavarian locals actually stopped going in the last years, because the [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of October 2015

I have a love/hate relationship with October: When the sun is out and the foliage glows all technicolor in golden light, I swear that October is my favorite month of the year. But when it's foggy and gloomy for days and I have to go grocery shopping in the dark because the sun sets at 5pm (thanks to daylight savings), I don't even know how I'm supposed to make it through the next months of darkness and subzero temperatures. This October already provided pretty much everything regarding weather options: Fog, wind, sleet, drizzle, snow (!!) -- but also a few days [...]

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The Turkish Riviera via Instagram

I grew up the middle of nowhere with a 20 kilometer distance to the next (terrible) small town coffee shop and almost no public transportation, especially not after 7pm. That little village lies next to a lake and is surrounded by soft hills and lush forests, but all I could ever dream about was the bustling energy of big cities that never sleep. I'd consider myself a city girl, but the funny thing is, that I've never even truly experienced a "real" city. The towns I lived in after high school graduation were small towns, with around 100,000 inhabitants. And [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of September 2015

September started like every month should start: In white hotel linen and a salty breeze from the Mediterranean pouring in through the open balcony doors, softly moving the light curtains. Starting the month on a high note though, always means there's the potential for disappointment. Overall, September was not a bad month, not at all, but going back to the same old day to day routine after two weeks of vacation bliss was definitely a little challenge. Travel Turkey was incredible. All I wanted was relaxation and lying on the beach without even thinking of my computer. And it was basically already the best. But getting [...]

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On Three Years of Blogging

I remember when I was younger, I kept stumbling across phrases like "once you're in your late twenties, you'll be less insecure" all over the place. I don't like clichés like that, but these days I feel like it's actually true: With age comes confidence. A few years ago, I was constantly thinking about what other people thought of me. I've always loved wearing black clothes for example, but I couldn't stand the comments about my appearance and questions like "has someone died or why are you wearing dark clothes all the time?". I spent weeks feeling uncomfortable in bright and [...]

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Photo Essay: The Best of August 2015

I had planned for August to be a slow month. With a lot of time for reading and writing and concentrating. August in a German university town like Göttingen means the city is pretty empty and the supermarkets actually still have frozen pizza on stock, which would never happen during the semester. Life feels a little more relaxed and quiet in August. In some ways August really was a slow month -- except that I barely spent a weekend at home. Travel Ever since my last visit to Paris back in June 2013, I've been wanting to return. Paris is [...]

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Where To Drink Coffee in Hamburg

When I started traveling independently, I thought it was fun to have no plans whatsoever. I loved the romantic idea of an old car, a paper map and all the freedom in the world. I quickly learned that traveling with no plans at all is often a stupid idea -- especially in Europe during peak season. A spontaneous road trip through Southern France sounds great until you realize that showing up at a camp ground without a reservation in July is not the smartest idea. Learning from these major travel fails, I developed into a "vacation dictator" (that's what the [...]

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Paris in August via Instagram

There was a time when I was really into writing Instagram photo blog posts, but I haven't been doing a lot of them lately as I felt like my images were becoming too repetitive -- even though I'm still old-fashioned and take photos with both my dSLR (for the blog) and my phone (for Instagram) at the same time. However, I didn't want to be boring and share photos of the same place several times so I didn't write any Instagram round-up posts for my last trips. With my newest realization that I don't bother bringing a wide-angle lens on most [...]

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