Photo Essay: Love Padlocks in Paris

I know, it’s just such a cliché to photograph love padlocks when in Paris, but how could I not? Love padlocks are basically everywhere there. They are pretty and romantic. And Paris is the city of love after all. The picture above was taken on the pedestrian bridge Pont des Arts, which is one of the … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Love Padlocks in Paris”

Photo Essay: A Magical Sunset in Croatia

Overdue, but not forgotten – I just barely had internet access during my stay in Paris. Actually, I don’t have much to say about this photo. I think it speaks for itself: The landscape on Croatia’s islands is stunning – and combined with the setting of the mild October sun the beauty of nature just … Continue reading “Photo Essay: A Magical Sunset in Croatia”

Photo Essay: The Old Grand Piano in a Croatian Backyard

I love looking out for the little things in life: Random constellations in nature, unexpected street art, things that aren’t where they would be found usually, or things that are combined in a remarkably new way… While staying on the island of Krk this fall, I discovered this backyard right behind the house we rented… … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Old Grand Piano in a Croatian Backyard”

Photo Essay: Sweets in Budapest

Why is it that colorful sweets always make for the best pictures? I have no idea. But they really do. Cookies, pastries, candy… sweets always look just insanely delicious in combination! And when displayed like here in Budapest, you could almost be sad that it is impossible to try them all – at least at the … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Sweets in Budapest”

Photo Essay: Croatia’s Lovely Little Streets

I love Europe’s medieval little streets: Tiny alleys, cobblestones, hidden house entrances. I have been surrounded by them all my life — yet, I never get sick of falling in love with them all over again. And, I must admit, Croatia’s little streets are exceptionally beautiful. At night, these streets become even more magical. Especially in the … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Croatia’s Lovely Little Streets”

Photo Essay: Tower of London Through the Fence

I recently discovered my love for macro pictures of details, which put the actual sight in the background and coin a whole new perspective… So, here’s a rusty fence, a few leafs of ivy lit by the setting sun – and the Tower of London almost inconspicuously in the back…  

Photo Essay: Porto’s Colorful Ribeira

Although nothing compares to my beloved Lisbon, Porto may be just as pretty… It’s so Portuguese, yet so different from Portugal‘s capital that it repeatedly took my breath away. The Ribeira do Porto is the old heart of the city on the riverside of the Douro river. I think I will never get sick of staring at … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Porto’s Colorful Ribeira”

Photo Essay: Flying Umbrellas in Évora

This was just one of those perfect little moments when you enter an unknown street in a city you have never been to before and it surprises you – with an installation of colorful umbrellas hovering over a little square to offer the restaurants in it shade from the hot Portuguese summer sun… In Évora, a … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Flying Umbrellas in Évora”

Photo Essay: Big Ben Bathed in Sunlight

Today’s Photo of the Week is dedicated to my great trip to London last April: When my friend Sarah and I were walking across the famous bridge over the river Thames, the British weather was just as capricious as it is known for — but when we turned around the late afternoon sun suddenly broke through the … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Big Ben Bathed in Sunlight”

Photo Essay: The Shadow of the Eiffel Tower

Introducing my new weekly photo series in which I’m posting one chosen favorite (and maybe slightly) artistic picture from my past travels each monday!  This week’s Picturesque Monday: Paris – the most picturesque city of all! A photo taken from an Eiffel Tower platform on a hot June day showing the wonderful squiggly ornaments the shadow … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Shadow of the Eiffel Tower”