Published On: 2012/11/12

I know, it’s just such a cliché to photograph love padlocks when in Paris, but how could I not? Love padlocks are basically everywhere there. They are pretty and romantic. And Paris is the city of love after all.

The picture above was taken on the pedestrian bridge Pont des Arts, which is one of the most famous places to leave a love padlock in Paris. Why?

According to our wonderful Sandeman New Europe Walking Tour guide Filipa, we have Hollywood to thank for this: In the last episode of Sex and the City Carrie and Big have their grand reunion and their final happily ever after moment on this very bridge.

Ever since that episode aired in 2004 thousands of love birds come here every year to attach their signs of their eternal love to it. Filipa told us that grids of the bridge must even be exchanged on regular basis to make all the new padlocks still fit on it. Seems like if there is one spot in the world where one should leave a proof of one’s love, it’s the Pont des Arts!

I’m not sure if a padlock on a bridge in the most romantic city in the world guaranties eternal love, but I somehow like the idea of it… And there really is nothing more photogenic than love padlocks with a view onto the oldest part of Paris, the Île de la Cité, is there?

Do you think love padlocks are corny and overrated? Or rather romantic?

Have you ever attached one somewhere?