Published On: 2014/09/19

I’ve written quite a bit about how it felt to travel to Bratislava and Vienna by myself, but now it is finally the time to share some photos! Taking photos in the capitals of Austria and Slovakia really wasn’t too though: They are both strikingly beautiful cities with clean streets and adorable cafés.

I’m probably not doing either of them any justice by describing them together, but considering that they’re the closest capitals in all of Europe, they sure have a lot in common: Pretty architecture, art deco coffee houses, picturesque squares.

Granted, I’ve spent a few days in Vienna, and I’ve even only spent a few hours in the historic center of Bratislava so I wouldn’t ever dare to make any general assumptions about both capitals (let alone countries!) — but I’ll just let my Instagram photos speak for themselves and let them depict these two lovely cities: 

Flying to Vienna
Landing in Austria at sunset

Schloss Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria
First impressions of Schönbrunn Palace 

Gloriette, Vienna, Austria
Finding reflections in Schönbrunns’s beautiful gardens

Park Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria
The only time I was brave enough to ask someone to take my picture
(aka the only photo proof of me in Vienna!)

Vienna, Austria
Falling in love with these quaint little streets in Vienna

KHM, Vienna, Austria
The one true reason I came to Vienna: The Kunsthistorisches Museum!

Coffee in Bratislava, Slovakia
First glimpses of Bratislava: Coffee and a pastry filled with poppy seeds!

Bratislava, Slovakia
A flawless August morning in Bratislava

Coffee in Bratislava, Slovakia
I was really surprised by the quality of the coffee (shops) in Bratislava!

Castle of Bratislava, Slovakia
At Bratislava Castle

Karlskirche, Vienna, Austria
The beautiful Karlskirche is one of the most famous churches in Vienna — and rightfully so, especially at Golden Hour!

Rathaus, Vienna, Austria
An early morning underneath the arches of Vienna’s town hall

Sacher Torte, Vienna, Austria
The most expensive cake I ever had — but if a chocolate cake is of Vienna’s famous “sights” of course I will indulge!

Belvedere, Vienna, Austria
The prettiness that is Belvedere Palace

Vienna, Austria
Experimenting with new perspectives in Vienna’s fancy shopping streets

Have you been to Vienna and/or Bratislava?
Which photo do you think depicts both cities best?

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