Published On: 2013/12/30

I’ve done a lot of review posts this year and you might hate me for it already. Fair enough. But I love reading reviews and I also love writing them. The idea of the year ending makes me nostalgic. I like reminiscing. And honestly, I’m one of those 21st century people with the attention span of a Buzzfeed list — I mean, what offers more entertainment than a list of photos with witty headlines? Especially during the holidays when there’s not much time to spend hours reading online in-between all the family dinners?

I’m won’t go all “27 Inappropriate Outfits I Wore in 2013” on you (after all, this is not Buzzfeed — although you’d probably like that, would you?). Instead, I wanted to share my best Instagrams of this year. I began 2013 with a dinosaur of a phone, but after spending months stalking people’s Instagram photos on my computer I gave in to a 21st century phone in March of 2013. Since then, I’ve become a big fan of mobile photography and one of those annoying Instagram junkies who can’t drink a coffee without taking a picture of it.

In this 2013 review, I give you the best Instagrams of all trips I took this year — plus some glimpses into my German life as those photos were also quite popular with my Instagram followers too. These are my favorite Instagram photos from 2013:

Nuremberg, GermanyMedieval Nuremberg in early April — when Germany was still gray and gloomy

Nuremberg, GermanySkeleton trees and half-timbered houses in Nuremberg in April

Spring in GermanyWhen spring finally arrived in Germany

Strasbourg, FranceFirst real getaway of 2013: Beautiful Strasbourg, in France’s Alsace region

Colmar, FranceExploring gorgeous architecture in Colmar, France, in April

Basel. Switzerland24-hour road trip to the beautiful Swiss city of Basel in May

Mulhouse, FranceA two-hour stop in Mulhouse, France, on the way back from Switzerland to drink beer(s) —
I love the reflection of the surrounding architecture in my beer glass!

Rotterdam, HollandFinding maritime beauty in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Rotterdam, HollandRooftop drinks in Rotterdam — one of my favorite shots from 2013

Utrecht, HollandUtrecht, Holland, from above on a very rainy May day

Utrecht, HollandUtrecht’s famous church tower, sadly, on the only day with blue skies

Baguette in Paris, FranceStanding in front of beautiful flowers in Paris in June — with a baguette under my arm,
pretending to be a Parisian

Summer in Paris, FranceMy most liked photo on Instagram in 2013: Notre-Dame in Paris on a perfect day in June

Julika in Paris, FranceI handed my phone over to Edna to take a quick shot of the Eiffel Tower and me, and I was stunned how perfect this capture of my time in Paris turned out: The light, the summer breeze, my utter happiness to be in Paris — just perfect!

Sunset in Paris, FranceNothing compares to a June sunset in Paris. Nothing.

Julika in Bavaria, GermanySummer beers in Bavaria

Julika at the Czech borderA little 20-minute hop over to Czech Republic, just because.

Frankfurt, GermanyFinding immensely cool architecture in Frankfurt in June

Bruges, BelgiumThe money shot of Bruges, Belgium, in July 

Bruges, BelgiumBest Belgian summer treat: Fries, fries, fries!

Bruges, BelgiumSurreal, beautiful Bruges!

Summer in GermanyHot summer days in rural Germany

Gießen, GermanyGerman student city life in July

Berlin, GermanySpending the hottest July weekend ever in Berlin

Julika in Berlin, GermanySO hot I had to jump into this fountain in front of the Berliner Dom!

Potsdam, GermanyFalling in love with the Italy-inspired architecture in Potsdam, close to Berlin

Frankfurt, GermanySipping coffee on a warm September day in Frankfurt’s prettiest square

Dublin, Ireland Discovering my love for Dublin and Ireland in October

Malahide Castle, IrelandMalahide Castle in Ireland on a perfect fall day

Dublin, Ireland The gorgeous St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin

Fall in GermanyColorful ivy spotted in Göttingen, Germany, during apartment hunting in my new home town

Fall in rural GermanyFall days in rural Germany

Fall, GermanyFall came really close to becoming my favorite season this year

Göttingen, GermanyAn early morning in Göttingen in October

Kassel, GermanyFrom fall to winter: Waiting at Kassel’s main train station on a freezing, foggy
morning in November

Winter in GermanyCold, wet early winter days in Göttingen full of puddles, umbrellas, and reflections

Göttingen, GermanyHalf-timbered houses and Christmas decorations in Göttingen in December

Which one is your favorite Instagram photo highlight of 2013?

PS: You can find me on Instagram as @JulikaSarah.