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Living like a Local in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

I've been to Berlin three times, and my visits could not have been more different: My first trip there was with my parents when I was fifteen. We stayed in a gross basement apartment somewhere in the suburbs, and I barely saw Berlin, because I constantly had my nose in a book. And to be honest, at the age of fifteen you have different ideas of a vacation than visiting churches with you parents. It took me forever to get myself back to Berlin. Last summer, eleven years after my first visit, I came to my country's capital for a [...]

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Berlin via Instagram

It's been a year since I upgraded my old phone, which basically looked like an ancient mini fax machine, to a newer one so I could finally join Instagram. I had been stalking people's Instagram web profiles for months and it was the wish to share my own images online that made me give in to the 21st century phone-wise. Mobile photography however, is an art. And I underestimated that taking good photos with your phone takes just as much practice as taking good photos with a dSLR. Seeing a good image and capturing it in the right way are [...]

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Photo Essay: Berlin’s East Side Gallery at Night

I was overwhelmed with all the options in Berlin. There is so much to do and see while in Berlin that you'll never have enough time to see it all. And this is especially true when it comes to art: Berlin has so many museums and galleries that it would take you a lifetime to see them all. All these museums and galleries combined with wonderful street art and an unstoppable artistic scene, make Berlin THE place to be when you're into art. As an art geek I couldn't have been more excited about going to Berlin this summer. Unfortunately, [...]

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Capture the Color: My 2013 Travel Photos

I don't need a reason to go through my travel photos every once in a while: I love images, and I always love a little trip down memory lane. So when Alex, my favorite Texan expat in Germany, tagged me to be a part in this year's Capture the Color Photo Contest, I was excited to go through my photos once more. In this contest, participants choose one photo for each primary color. I however, chose a few more photos to mirror my favorite destinations of 2013 thus  far (although I violate the contest's rules) -- each destination, depicted in [...]

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A Walk Around Berlin’s Famous Sights

When I got to Berlin last month I wanted to find art, design, and hipster subculture. But somehow I got distracted by classical, historical, and beautiful Berlin. Berlin has experienced SO much history that you can't possibly grasp it during just one weekend, probably not even in a lifetime. But I wanted to stroll through the streets and find "the real" Berlin. While walking through Berlin, my mind was racing with images I remember from history books and TV reports: Swinging Berlin in the 20ies, shockingly impressive Nazi parades through the city's grand boulevards, entirely destroyed Berlin after the War. [...]

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The Art Historian’s Failed Guide to Hipster Berlin

I already had the words formed in my head before I even arrived in Berlin. Maybe that was a mistake in the first place. The Art Historian's Guide to Hipster Berlin. I was convinced I could write this. I exactly knew what this post was supposed to be like. I wanted to write about street art and those cool coffee shops were you can buy coffee as well as the mug your coffee's served in and the chair you’re sitting on. I wanted to write about Berlin the party capital, where every café serves breakfast until 7 pm so you will [...]

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