Published On: 2014/04/04

I just got back from Madrid (this month was crazy travel-wise!) and — yet again — I have so. very. much. to say about my time in Spain and my very first visit to its capital. But first, a little introduction via the photos I took on my phone. I have declared my love for Instagram as an immediate travel diary many times before, so I’ll try to keep the first introductory paragraphs as short as possible to let the photos speak for themselves.

I have noticed that the photos I take on my phone are different from the ones I take with my camera: I dare to take sneaky shots in museums, I dare to be bolder about editing. I look for more unusual angles, artsier looks, and uploading my photos on Instagram also provides me with instant feedback. That’s why I think my phone photos are blog-post-worthy.

Traveling to Madrid Last minute planning on the plane

In Madrid, I met up with my fabulous girly blogger friends Ashley of Ashley Abroad, Jessica of Curiosity Travels, and Amanda of Farsickness for a weekend of eating, partying, and chatting about life, travel, and boys on our kitchen table. We stayed in a super cozy, travel-themed GowithOh apartment in a great neighborhood with many cute coffee shops and bars. And even though the weather in Madrid was a bit of a let-down during our time there, we had a brilliant time — complete with never-ending breakfasts, mirror selfies, and girl talk. And of course we wore our sunglasses anyways.

And here are my favorite phone pictures from an extended spring weekend in Madrid:

Gran vía, Madrid, Spain Grand boulevards and 19th century architecture

Tapas in Madrid, SpainDelicious tapas and vermouth on our first night with Madrid Food Tour

Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain Plaza Cibeles on a very moody day

Breakfast in a GowithOh apartment in Madrid, SpainOne of our epic late breakfasts 

Madrid, Spain Oh those lanterns!

Churros in Madrid, Spain Churros con chocolate!!

#GirlsGoneMAD in Madrid, Spain All the girls of #GirlsGoneMAD in front of our bathroom mirror

Madrid from aboveBeautiful Madrid from above!

Plaza Mayor, Madrid, SpainReflections at the famous Plaza Mayor 

Balconies in Madrid, Spain In love with the balconies…

Streets in Madrid, Spain ...and the narrow little streets!

Travel planing in Madrid, SpainHello, I’m Julika, and I have thing for travel-themed still life scenes.

Retiro park, Madrid, Spain Retiro park on a gorgeous spring day

Live art in the Prado, Madrid, Spain Spotting live art in the Prado!

Crystal Palace, Madrid, Spain The iconic Crystal Palace — with blue skies!

Julika in Madrid, Spain Happy in (finally!) sunny Madrid!


Which Instagram photo from Madrid is your favorite?

PS: You can find me on Instagram as @JulikaSarah.