Published On: 2012/12/17

Ljubljana was an amazingly pleasant surprise. I had heard about the city’s beauty before, but when I got there it turned out that Ljubljana is way more than just beautiful. The Slovenian capital is surrounded by mountains and woods – although you are in a country’s capital, you still feel like you are in a little mountain city.

Ljubljana has everything a fancy big city has – beautiful stylish people, chic cafés, fashionable second-hand shops, and street art. But at the same time it also broadcasts this wonderful cozy atmosphere that makes you like it and feel at home there immediately.

What describes Ljubljana’s dazzling cuteness best are the façades in the city center: They are a perfect balance between old and new, and between stylish and neat. Bright colors mix with playful ornaments and adorable little details like the hanging teapot in the picture… Ljubljana was definitely love at first sight!