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Life Snippets: The First Half of 2017

One thing I could never wrap my brain around when it comes to travel blogging -- and blogging in general actually -- is how narcissistic it is. Do people really like reading an abundance of first person pronouns? Does anyone really care for random selfies in front of famous buildings? And yet, while being extremely aware about how self-absorbed the act of blogging is, I found myself wanting to share personal updates online for all these years. As you may have noticed though (I mean, who am I kidding here), I've cut back on my blogging output immensely throughout the [...]

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Winter Impressions from Riga, Lativa

I'm summer girl through and through. At the same, I've been dreaming about spending New Year's abroad for the longest time now -- but going on such a trip (at least within Europe) meant finally confronting myself with winter travel, something I had been putting off for years. Plane tickets were a little too pricey over the holidays, but since I could take the first week of January 2017 off at work too, I figured leaving for a trip on January 2nd was close enough to New Year's and also the perfect way to begin a new chapter. I wasn't [...]

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