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Life Snippets: The Second Half of 2017

Well, I've most definitely run out of good first blog post sentences to excuse my terrible habit of barely keeping up with the blog after almost-not-blogging for two years now. But as I explained in my last "life snippets" post: I still have so many photos lying around and it's just sad to not at least edit my favorite ones and present them somewhere. Thus another diary-style blog post with a collection of my top photos from the second half of 2017. Yes, we're four months into the new year. Yes, I'm fully aware that probably no one cares about [...]

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Your Iceland Road Trip: The Things You Really Need To Know

Even without having any immediate Iceland travel plans for the longest time, I had known the names of famous Icelandic waterfalls for years. It seems pretty impossible to go on social media these days without seeing a mysteriously foggy Iceland photo within the first three minutes. Thus I'll spare you the "land of fire and ice" tropes and cut right to the chase: Because surprisingly, despite the numerous blog posts and social media coverage on Iceland travel tips out there, I somehow couldn't find the information I needed to prepare for the road trip on Iceland's Ring Road that Steffen [...]

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