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Life Snippets: The Second Half of 2017

By |2018/04/15|

Well, I've most definitely run out of good first blog post sentences to excuse my terrible habit of barely keeping up with the blog after almost-not-blogging for two years now. But as I explained in my last "life snippets" post: I still have so many photos lying around and [...]

Your Iceland Road Trip: The Things You Really Need To Know

By |2017/09/10|

Even without having any immediate Iceland travel plans for the longest time, I had known the names of famous Icelandic waterfalls for years. It seems pretty impossible to go on social media these days without seeing a mysteriously foggy Iceland photo within the first three minutes. Thus I'll spare [...]

Life Snippets: The First Half of 2017

By |2017/09/05|

One thing I could never wrap my brain around when it comes to travel blogging -- and blogging in general actually -- is how narcissistic it is. Do people really like reading an abundance of first person pronouns? Does anyone really care for random selfies in front of famous [...]

Winter Impressions from Riga, Lativa

By |2017/07/13|

I'm summer girl through and through. At the same, I've been dreaming about spending New Year's abroad for the longest time now -- but going on such a trip (at least within Europe) meant finally confronting myself with winter travel, something I had been putting off for years. Plane [...]

The Lasting Changes of 2016

By |2017/02/27|

2016 was the year this blog became shockingly quiet. I had been struggling with finding balance in-between working, traveling, blogging, and maintaining a social life ever since I started working back in 2013, but my struggles have gotten worse since. Maybe not actually worse, but my priorities shifted more and [...]

My USA Road Trip in Numbers, Instagrams, and Snapchats

By |2017/02/13|

In the summer of 2016, I did the craziest two week road trip across the Southwestern USA with Steffen, my favorite travel partner in crime -- and although it already feels like a lifetime ago, I have so much to say and oh-so-many photos to show! We flew into San [...]

Photo Essay: The Best of Spring 2016

By |2016/08/06|

A while ago, I stumbled upon a quote saying something like "whenever you want to say that you don't have time, say you don't want to make it a priority instead". It may sound harsh, but it's shockingly true: You can always make time for things that are a priority. [...]

Five Essential Things To Do in Venice

By |2016/05/10|

I really thought I understood Italian cities by now. After my week-long art history field trip to Rome back in 2006, which was my first visit to Italy as a grown-up, I had returned to Italy's capital in 2014 for several days and then visited Florence last year. I can [...]

Photo Essay: The Best of February 2016

By |2016/03/01|

You know, I wouldn't even care if we had just skipped February altogether. Seriously, the month of February is just miserable in Central Europe -- and it's probably even worse in Northern Germany, because if the sun ever shows she does it in Southern Germany. Anyways, besides my best [...]

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