I’m an art historian with all my heart. I love art. I love architecture. I love the history intertwined with art and architecture.

When I was two years old, I started analyzing my self-made “art” with made-up expressions like “multiple colorfulness”. My juvenile excitement for colors and painting princesses shifted when I first heard about ancient Egypt. I spent years dreaming about becoming an archeologist and learning encyclopedia articles about Egyptian pharaoh dynasties and pyramid constructions by heart. I knew I wanted to become the female version of Howard Carter someday.

Throughout the years however, I realized that I was probably too girly to dig in the dirt for the rest of my life. I choose the similar subject of art as a major for my last two years of school (that’s possible in German schools) and discovered a whole new world full beauty and inspiration: Romanticist paintings, medieval cathedrals, 20th century photography.

In my last year of high school I went on several field trips and fell unexpectedly hard for the medieval churches in Italy and France. While watching the colorful reflections of the stained glass windows on the floor of the ambulatory in the breathtakingly gorgeous Gothic cathedral of Saint Denis, I decided that art will be a part of my life.

I wanted to study art history. Although most people would consider art history a “useless” subject to major in, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I studied it with passion and have never regretted my choice for a second.

Of course, me being an art historian influces my (travel) writing: I don’t look for risky adventures abroad, but for beauty and history. On this blog I share places and experiences that inspire me. Therefore, I have three blog series in which I focus on the art historical, cultural, and inspirational aspects of traveling:

Photo Essays

In this weekly series I choose anything picture worthy I encountered on my travels. Sometimes it may be a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site, sometimes it may be a city I totally fell in love with, sometimes it may just be a beautiful detail that deserves attention. No matter what item I choose to be on a Photo Essay, it’s always of artistic or historical value, or an exceptionally beautiful or culturally interesting place. The Photo Essay series has a strong photo focus to show which places, destinations, views, or buildings that inspired me on the road.

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Thoughts and Specials

In this rather random archive you'll find anything I observe about life at home or abroad: From my very personal struggles with figuring out what I want in life to my obsessive coffee addiction -- I try to write about the reality of being a travel-addicted student, a broke art historian, and a little girl with a lot of dreams.

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The Art Historian's Guide to...

In this series I offer tiny glimpses into the life of a traveling art historian. From time to time I thus might actually provide useful travel tips on how to see a lot of art and culture on a tiny budget, or where to find the secret art historic treasures a destination offers. But I will also write about how I perceive the world: Anything I find remarkable or worth mentioning regarding art history, travel, and life in-between could become a topic of The Art Historian’s Guide to series – but be aware, I don’t claim everything to be correct or rational. I still have the mad scientist gene in me.

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