Published On: 2013/09/27

A while back I promised big news on my facebook page. And here they finally are. Well, they might not be big news to anyone else, but they are to me — and Sateless Suitcase of course.

I’m done with my Master’s Degree!

Last week I had to “defend” my Master’s Thesis — my very last examination! And I passed!! Yes, I’m officially done with my Master’s!! Can you believe it? After studying for six years and suffering through a seemingly endless depressing thesis writing winter, it’s finally over!

And since German universities rarely have graduation ceremonies, let alone caps and gowns and senior photo shoots, I found another way to celebrate: Because Big News No. 2 is that the cronut came to Europe! Not the original NYC one of course, but I’ve been wanting to try this hyped half-donut, half-croissant pastry for so long, and thus I considered it to be a sign from universe when I spotted them in a bakery right after I passed my last oral exam. So here are my  (admittedly ridiculous) senior photos:

Julika's ridiculous senior photos

Julika's ridiculous senior photos

Julika's ridiculous senior photos

I’m moving!

Not everything is settled yet, and I don’t want to jinx it give it away already, but I’m moving! After spending the last year in a self-imposed writing exile in the middle of nowhere, I’m finally off to live somewhere with coffee shops (!) and movie theaters again. It’s still only a move within Germany, but it’s definitely going to be a big adventure for me: I will move to a city that I’ve never even been to before and where I don’t know a single person. It will be the fourth state I call home in Germany and I’m totally up for learning about new dialects, new foods, and new traditions.

But I also know that I have to face insanely tough professional and personal challenges: Starting over in a new city by myself will be very frustrating and lonely at times. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to see (and tell you!) what the future has in store for me! But for now, I have to put all my energy into apartment hunting…

I’m going to Ireland!

I’m so excited to be visiting Ireland for the first time! This Sunday I leave for an extended trip to the Emerald Isle. It won’t just be a vacation though: I will take part in a travel blogging training and attend a travel media conference — and will thus spend my days small-talking, networking, and learning about how to build a really good travel blog. I’m looking forward to meeting inspiring people and hopefully finding a place for Sateless Suitcase and me out there in the big world of travel blogging. But I also booked a few extra days in Dublin and I’m thrilled to explore the Irish capital and its surrounding areas.

So, you guys, poll in please: What should I do, eat, see in Dublin? Do you have any insider tips? Is there anything I should know before going? And, if you are a travel blogger: Will we be seeing each other in Ireland?