Published On: 2013/04/22

When I introduced the beautiful city of Nuremberg with its difficult history, I left out the little detail about my accommodation there. But actually — where I stayed, was one of the highlights of my recent trip to Nuremberg: I slept in a castle hostel!

The city’s youth hostel is located in the former hayloft of Nuremberg’s iconic castle. Archeological findings on the castle hill date back until the 11th century, first written account of the castle’s existence and its use as a royal residence is proofed since the mid of the 12th century. The history of the castle and the history of Nuremberg as a free imperial city have been closely intertwined for centuries. Whereas the former stables and the hayloft have been turned into the youth hostel, the castle — the chapel, the halls, and the famous deep well — can still be visited today. Lodging surrounded by living history!

What I loved the most about staying in Nuremberg’s castle youth hostel was the idea of calling a castle home for a few days. Literally, “my home is my castle”! And the very best part about living in a former medieval castle: The location on top of a hill with a spectacular view over the city! And let me tell you, nothing is a better start into your day than waking up in the upper bunkbed with a straight view out of the sixth story — over a medieval city during sunrise! Simply breathtaking!

Additional info: The youth hostel was renovated and reopened in March 2013. I must admit, it lacks character on the inside, but the views totally make up for that. The food is great for a youth hostel — they even made me realize that I’m more German than I thought: I love Sauerkraut! Prices start at 26 €uros per night. Oh and, I was not paid to praise the views and the Sauerkraut!