Published On: 2013/02/07

I know my obnoxious obsession with alliterations becomes a little annoying already (yay, two in this sentence alone! This is what happens if you have attended way too many poetry lectures than necessary). But these three Ds are honestly what my life is about right now: Writing duties, delaying them, and the everlasting anxiety for my Master’s Thesis’ due date.

I’m probably committing blog-suicide now (and when I decided to choose a blog name that even Google corrects!) — but I really have to cut back.

I completely underestimated how much effort you have to put into a really good blog. This blog is only starting out, but is an incredibly time-consuming hobby already.

In the past months I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into this little project of mine, and every little bit of it has been incredibly rewarding. I love writing and experiencing the world through the written words that come to my mind as I soak in inspiration in every possible way. I love blogging and I will stick to it. I’m beyond excited for every comment I receive, for every retweet, and for every person who comes back for reading. I appreciate it so much!

But right now, I have to set priorities. I need to focus on finishing my degree. I need to stop dreaming of far-away destinations, and spend less time with the tempting distraction social media offers.

I have to stop blogcrastinating.

I really hope I’m not scaring you away by saying that I simply have to cut back on the effort I’m putting into this blog. At least for the next two months. But Sateless Suitcase’s subtitle is “travel tales from an almost art historian”. And it’s about time I lose that stupid “almost” already, don’t you think?

I will still try to post once week. And I will be on the road again for sure. I’m already booked for an art historical excursion to the gorgeous medieval city of Nuremberg in Bavaria in April, and a trip to the Netherlands in May. I have plans for a third visit to Paris in the spring. There are plenty of other great travel options about to be seized (I’m looking at you Austria and Switzerland!). And since most of my 2012 trips were actually very spontaneous, I’m convinced there are some exciting adventures waiting for me out there… after I’m done with my thesis in April!

How the cool kids spend their Saturday night. Not. 

I will still be active in sharing travel-related reads via my twitter, and I’ll keep updating my facebook page with a lot of photos. And heck, I even gave in to instagram. My photos there might most likely include a few rural German sunsets, a whole lot of unhealthy dozes of comfort food, and even more coffees… but hey, you can have an unvarnished glimpse into the life of a stressed-out, caffeine-high art historian, ain’t that exciting?

 My little every day life highlights: Rural sunset photos taken out of my bathroom window

So even if my life will solely consist of reading, writing, complaining, drinking a double digits number of cups of coffee a day, and creating strange quinoa dishes for lunch — bear with me!

Follow me on pinterest, twitter, facebook, and instagram for your daily crazy-art-historian-fix, browse through Sateless Suitcase’s archives: Read about how Steffen and I nearly broke up while trying to build up a tent in Holland, or laugh about the three acts of an epic French road trip failure. That should keep you busy for a little while.

Two more months, and I’m entirely devoted to you and this blog again — hopefully as an actual art historian by then!